Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Contest Winner! and other news

Day 66

Breakfast: green tea, eggs, yogurt
Mid-afternoon snack: sliced pear
Lunch: 2 grilled chicken strips and sauteed onion, yellow, and green peppers
Dinner: fried rice, chicken & broccoli, and beef & onion

Okay, okay, okay... As you can see, we went out to eat again tonight. Braylen has the night off, neither of us felt like cooking, and my "SIL" happens to work at a lovely Chinese Buffet that is literally 3 1/2 blocks from our home. I feel less guilt than I probably should, but eh. Oh well! We're considering it brain food for studying for our tests we have this weekend (my two are tomorrow and his is Friday).

So, this contest was an interesting experience for me. I thought the whole "comment on the link" business was pretty self-explanatory, but I had people leaving me their Walmart stories in the strangest of places (and by "strange" I mean... completely not where I said to leave them, ha)! First of all, I understand that some aspects of FB and blogspot are confusing, so here's what I did... If you left me a story elsewhere, or basically left me a comment at all.. I added you to the contest. Well, not including my husband of course, cos that would just be silly. Oh, and I know I said I wasn't posting the winner until Thursday, but that was just so I could buy time deciding what the prize would be. And since we figured that out yesterday, I decided to just do it today. You don't mind, right?

So now, the moment you've all been waiting for...


Our good friend, DEREK E. HENDY!!!

Your prize is...
(Yes, I got this picture off google)

Husband and I thought that with gas prices continuing to go ballistic, a gas card might be a nice choice for this round. Hope you enjoy your gas, Derek! Use it to come see us!!!

Phew, now that that's over... I can tell you about Lunch Girl in my M-W class. I keep forgetting to update about her. Remember, she's the one that always brings outrageous lunches to class and eats them in front of us. And by "in front of us" I mean inconspicuously in her seat completely out of my line of sight. But it's still aggravating! Anyways, in the past couple of weeks I've seen Chic-Fil-A, Qdoba's, Starbucks (who eats lunch from Starbucks?), and I'm pretty sure Arby's was in there, too. I mean, Husband and I are no strangers to fast food, but this girl has an extremely dynamic palate! In the span of class, so far, I've seen a culinary range from Chinese to Mexican to... I mean... What's Arby's considered? Anyways, just saying, dunno how the girl stays so thin. But that's another topic for another day.

I'm not sure that I've talked about it on here. I wanted to give her enough time to get out the word herself before I start gushing about my excitement over the matter. One of my oldest and best friends got engaged this past Thursday!!! Geez, typing it out and putting three exclamation marks just doesn't fulfill the amount of excitement that I have within me about this news. Let me try again... Katrina Marie Littau is gonna marry her best friend in life, Matthew Thompson!!!! Sigh... Okay, glad I got that out. Hope you're understanding my joy, at this point. I'm very happy for them. And also very happy that she's chosen ME to be her maid of honor!!!! (or "matron of honor" depending on how accurate you want to be). And now I will stop shouting about my happiness, excitement, and incredible joy I feel about them being married because I won't have anything to toast about later if I don't. 

Anyways, Husband and I are going to begin studying now. 

Congratulations Derek! And congratulations Katrina! 


Dear God, please bless my awesome friends Derek and Katrina. Thank you so much for the gift of their friendships in my life. You picked incredible people to surround me with. Amen.


  1. Awe,... yay Katrina!!! Such wonderful news! xD

    And grats to Derek, too, on your lucky hat draw. hehe. Have to agree with ya, Kace... totally deserving of a trip to see ya's! hehe

    Love you, hun! And So happy for you, and for your continued success with your diet! Hope food starts being a little better for your tummy, hun!! xoxo and love!

  2. Awww!! I love you kaycie!!! :] I'm pumped that you'll be my MoH!! :DD can't wait to go dress shopping :]


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