Thursday, March 3, 2011


Day 60

Breakfast: green tea, eggs, yogurt, mini Hershey's bar
Mid-afternoon snack: carrot sticks
Lunch: green tea, Diet DP, 2 chicken strips with stir-fried vegetables
Dinner: taco salad (ground turkey and onion cooked in taco seasoning over shredded lettuce with tomato and salsa)
Dessert: kefir smoothie

Have I told you lately that I love my husband? I don't know if any of you saw on FB yesterday, but I was in dire need of the piece of chocolate I'd been saving for this very moment, and when I went to go devour it.. it was gone. A lifesaver candy is no replacement for chocolate, let me just say. This morning Bray told me to check my car's visor when I headed to school.

He. Bought. Me. Chocolate.

I love this man.

And I love his mother, too.

Even if she did eat my beloved chocolate piece.

Anyways, the rest of the day was pretty blah after that (But, I mean, how do you top Hershey's?). Don't feel too awful about the midterm I took this afternoon and I actually paid attention in all my classes (hallelujah!). Had a scrumptious meal this evening and the smoothie was delicious, as usual. I have a ton of DVRed shows from this week to catch up on. So far I've watched Teen Mom 2, One Born Every Minute, and Heavy. I'm currently watching Biggest Loser. Still have more to come... Jersey Shore, American Idol (all three episodes), I Used to be Fat, Grey's Anatomy, and In the Bedroom With Dr. Laura Berman (don't judge me, it's an interesting show!).

I'm headed over to Nash Library to study with a friend. I wanted to take a night off, but she's persuaded to come by sharing her company with me. ha. How do I pass up an opportunity to see a good friend, even if it does mean I have to... *shudders*.... study?

You know who's really getting on my nerves? My husband's coworkers.
And that's all I have to say about that.

Oh, I got a lovely package in the mail today... My standout print of one of our day after the wedding pictures. It's actually the one I have at the top of my blog, only in color.

I'm really excited about getting it up on the wall... Just not sure which wall I want it on yet! ha. (This is why my house remains mostly undecorated after living here almost a year... I can't ever decide where to put anything!)

Dear God, thank you so much for giving me this Thursday. Amen.


  1. Hey! I was just kidding. It wasn't me! Only because I didn't find it first.

  2. Sometimes... life is just good. <3
    Hope whatever's happening with Braylen's co-workers stops. I'm sure it's hard on both of you, and anymore, jobs are more valuable than the paycheck they bring in... knowing there will be more to come. hehe My love and wish for patience to you both!
    <3 ya's!!!
    oh... p.s. Gonna have to tell that man how awesomely sweet he is. For you and me. hehe It's so great to see you guys doing SO Well! <3

  3. This made me laugh.... my husband bought me a ton of chocolate for Valentines day which included an EMERGENCY CHOCOLATE BAR. It actually says that on the packaging. To cute!


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