Sunday, March 13, 2011

Home Improvements: Part Two

Okay, so this is the entry I should have given the title "Home Improvements". I hate it when that happens. By the way, I find putting titles on my posts to be the most challenging thing about blogging, just fyi.

I finished putting up the curtains this morning. After the stress of yesterday's curtain hanging, today was a breeze! I finally have a knack for it! If only this would've happened about five curtains earlier, I wouldn't have a damaged wedding ring at the moment. This morning I woke up and for a split second thought maybe it had been a bad dream. Unfortunately, no such luck. Sigh... Life goes on...

So here's what we have so far!

Our OU guestroom. I wanted to keep this room feeling bright and open.

The door in the kitchen leading to the balcony. This was the only window upstairs that didn't have blinds, so I'm really happy to have a treatment on it now! Plus I just think it's really cute.

Okay, so please forgive the junky table.
The outside windows will also have golden sheers underneath, but they didn't have another rod at the store yesterday.
I also need to put the pull back on the left window, which is why they're not evenly pulled back.
And the window in the middle will have another panel (this is the one I bought the wrong size for)

The living room. I need to make a couple of adjustments to the window on the left, because I made the rod stick out way too far (my bad). The window on the right is what caused the wall-punching.

Our bedroom window on my side.

The bedroom window on his side. These are those light-resistant panels so that Braylen can sleep during the day. Love them.. Perfect for mid-afternoon naps. =]
Oh, and see the new lamp? I have one on my end table, also. Would be even nicer if I had remembered to buy light bulbs...

This is the big wedding print I was telling you about before. I still haven't decided where to hang it yet, so it's hanging out on our dresser. This picture doesn't do its size any justice. It's pretty large!

Okay, so that's what I have, for now. I've also taken some pretty cute pictures of Luke and Kitty, but I'll save those for my post tonight. =]


  1. Your house looks fabulous! The new curtains really pull everything together. Also, I loved the photo of Luke and Kitty with their tongues hanging out. Thanks again for keeping her! Can't wait to see the house in person!! :)

  2. The curtains look great, and I LOVE that print. (Actually I love all of your wedding pics). That's the one that you have on your screen saver isn't it? It looks like a magazine. So gorgeous ;) Who did your photography?


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