Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm Not Spoiled

Day 76

Breakfast: NONE
Mid-afternoon snack: diced strawberries w/Truvia
Lunch: chicken-vegetable soup
Dinner: chicken-vegetable soup
Dessert: black bean brownie

A conversation this afternoon:

Me: (pouting because I don't want to study) "Buy me patio furniture so I can study outside!"
Him: .... Okay.

It's amazing how persuasive I can be.

I love getting things immediately after I ask for them.
A girl could get used to this...

So I studied and then we watched the movie Remember Me (which was slow for a majority of the movie, but ended fantastically) and are about to start The Social Network

I think Luke Puppy is having Kitty withdrawals. He keeps walking around the house whining for no apparent reason. It's pretty pitiful. 

'Night y'all!

PS. Bray has to go back to work tomorrow. This makes me pout. It would seem pouting allows for me to receive gifts from my dear husband. What should I ask for next? 


  1. Love the new patio furniture!! I have been eyeing the ones at lowes, but we need to build a patio before we buy any furniture. ha.
    Kitty has definitely been moping around since we got home... she misses her new puppy friend!

  2. Patio furniture is awesome-I'm jealous! We LOVE Remember Me! I am secretly in love w/Robert Pattinson, so I definitely wanted to watch it. Reagan and my mom saw it together first and Reagan had the most 'intense' reaction to the movie. She said she couldn't quit thinking about it for days-big for an eleven year old! I was blown away by the end of the movie too. I had no idea it was 9/11 based and that really threw me.


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