Friday, March 25, 2011

America's Next Top Models

My MIL is an up-and-coming photographer and today we took advantage of her skills to get some new "family" pictures. Oh, and to take pictures of our new bods. =]

Our handsome boy, Luke

Being mischievous in the flower bed.

Luke and his Aunt Beasley

Husband and I

Our Springtime family photo

Husband and his ripped new bod (hardy har har)

I mean, I'm ready to be a supermodel, dontcha think?

He's a really handsome guy.


  1. you guys are cute. Remember, this next piece of information is because i got attacked when I was little...I HATE DOGS! that is all

  2. What great pics! I need to get more too...all the ones I have up are almost a yr old from our engagement & wedding :)


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