Saturday, May 5, 2012

BL Final Weigh-In, Before/After Pictures, Measurements, and Results

I don't think I've ever had the opportunity to cram so many Biggest Loser events into one post, so I'm kind of excited, ha. If you remember, my goal for this week was to be at 235. I didn't quite make it, but I did really well this week at drinking lots of water and curbing my cravings, so I was totally happy with what the scale had to say...

Stats for Week 8 (Final) Weigh-In with Biggest Loser:
Starting Weight for 2012: 262.2
Starting Weight for this round of BL: 246.4
Last Week's Weight: 239.0
Current Weight: 237.4

I don't have a picture of my scale this week because this round we started doing starting/final weight videos, instead of pictures. So, I guess I'll post my video... (don't think I've ever posted a video of myself before on the blog, so I apologize for the first one I post being shot 10 minutes after I woke up when I looked a hot mess)

Here's my before video, shot on  March 9, 2012

And my after video, shot on May 4, 2012

Despite not reaching my goal for the week, I am so happy to still be in the 230s. It has been a trend of mine to get out of the 240s one week and then bounce right back up the next week and I was so NOT wanting to do that this time. I really hope I can keep going lower, instead of the other way. As you can see in my weigh-in chart page, I've been gaining and losing within the same 10-15 lbs all year and I'm so tired of it. Really hoping this is the start of a new downward trend! 

As for my before/after pictures for this round of Biggest Loser... 

I tried something different this round and actually wore clothes (I know, shocker). Normally I wear a bathing suit or use my shorts/sports bra get-up. I wanted to wear clothes this time because that's how the outside world sees me and I wanted to see a difference from the outside world's perspective. Now that I say that, I'm realizing that the outside world will never see me in this outfit (ya know... outside of the people reading my blog) but just pretend I'm making a valid point for a second. 

Without further ado:



So, that's that. It's obvious the most noticeable change was in my tummy, not surprising. My before pictures are from immediately after a two-week long binge and when I binge, I bloat and my tummy pooches out (even more than normal). So that explains that... 

We also did before/after measurements this round of Biggest Loser, which I really liked to see those results. Not that they were significant, but it's nice to see changes there as well as the scale, so you know your body is actually shrinking. (Or, at least, it's nice for me).

Current Measurements:

So I only lost 5 inches this time, but I'm really okay with that. I also learned I've been adding all this up wrong, because apparently I should be measuring both of my thighs and arms (and counting each measurement as a loss) and I've only been measuring one. So, I should have counted my thighs as having lost 2.5 instead of 1.25... same with my calves, upper arm, and forearm. WHOOPS. I'll go back and fix it all at some point, but haven't mustered up the motivation yet. Besides, I don't think it'd really be valid since I didn't actually measure the other sides and what if they weren't exactly the same? I don't want to just double the numbers and call it good because I don't know that they're the exact same number. Which is why I haven't done it yet because I'm not sure I want to. I might just start out fresh with the next round, do it correctly and go from there. 

Oh, either way... I was really happy to see my BMI/BMR go down. =]

And now for the icing on the cake for this round of Biggest Loser. Unexpectedly, I won 3rd place! When the results were posted yesterday I definitely did a double take. I feel like I worked hard this round, but overall I only lost 9 lbs in 8 weeks, so it's not like I did fantastic or anything. I was not expecting to place (and I wouldn't have if another participant had posted her final weigh-in video on time) so it was a complete surprise. I'm not sure how much I won (because it's never really about the prize money... I never expect to win) but whatever it is, it'll be a welcome sum! 

In my yoga class studio at 5:45 AM.
Hope y'all are having a great weekend!


  1. You are such a rockstar!

    I'm so mad... I wasn't getting your updates on my Googler Reader! I just figured it out, so be patient with me while I read your last 20+ updates. Technology is great---when it works!


    1. Bahahaha I'm sorry! That's a lot of reading, I hope it doesn't disappoint! =]

  2. Awesome! Love looking at results photos. Very motivating. Congrats on placing!


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