Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WTF Wednesday!

I've never done WTF Wednesday before, but I have a lot of things to say WTF to this week, so here goes. Thanks for the opportunity to vent, Draz!!

  1. I started and finished "50 Shades of Grey" in under 24 hours last week. So first of all... Whoa. Anyone else a Christian Grey fan/critic? I love/hate him so hard. Anyways... I ordered the 2nd and 3rd books of the trilogy on Monday and today the third book came in the mail. WTF, Amazon!!  How am I supposed to read the third book before I read the second book. So now I wait. Which is so annoying and such a tease.
  2. If this blog was private (or rather, not something people in my real life read) I would be shouting WTF from the rooftops over this crazy job situation. There are so many WTFs I would love to share with you all about this... But for fear of offending people, I will refrain. To those who know what I'm referring to... Despite my nonchalantness over what's gone down... I call BS. 
  3. WTF is with BDR needing to check his phone every 3.5 seconds to check the damn score of whatever game is happening at the time. Scratch that... There won't even be a game on and he's got to check!! I swear baseball, football, and now basketball seasons will be the death of our relationship. Which isn't lookin' good because that pretty much covers the entire year.  (JK about the "death of our relationship" bit... Kind of)
  4. WhyTF can't I get away from babies? Everyone's having one and all movies/TV shows I watch revolve around babies. F'real. Last night we saw "What to Expect When You're Expecting". We've been watching old Grey's Anatomy episodes and the ones we're on now are when Addison is working at Seattle Grace... So every episode has a dang pregnant woman. Then, of course, there's One Born Every Minute, 16 & Pregnant, and Teen Mom... Which I watch faithfully as they appear on the DVR. I know I'm doing this to myself... But that makes it an even bigger WTF. I'm obsessed. I pin every baby room, baby shower, and baby gadget I find. And I can't have babies right now. WTF.
  5. I tried to make an appointment with a counseling office yesterday, but our insurance doesn't cover anything. WTF. I thought going nuts-o was kind of a big deal? Would that not constitute a medical problem? I thought BDR's company was supposed to provide the best insurance around?! Probably the biggest WTF of the situation is that when the lady called to tell me how much it would be, I actually said to her "Um, we can't afford that. Bye." Which made me feel grand. 
  6. I can't stop eating. WTF.
  7. This is a predictive WTF. I'm getting my hair cut and styled today, because I need something new. I've decided that I will be getting as close to this haircut as my stylist can accomplish: 

If I don't come out looking like Mila Kunis... WTF.

1 comment:

  1. So, it's Thursday now. Do you look like Mila?
    And stop worrying about babies. You got a billion years ahead of you. Get your head on straight first!


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