Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday Recap (And it's only 2PM)

I was woken up this morning by my phone ringing. It was the hospital from my hometown (where I really really was hoping to work) calling to tell me they "didn't need an interview" (aka... They aren't interested in me in the slightest).

So that was lovely. And humiliating. And disappointing.

And just... lovely.

Couldn't go back to sleep, so I laid on the couch with my dogs staring at the ceiling. (Do things get more depressing?? Oh, and did I mention my cat was there, too? Yeah... Things just got more depressing.)

Eventually I decided to email my resume off to another company. Actually, to the recruiting company representing the company needing an SLP. So she called me back within an hour or two and said she forwarded my information on and should be hearing from them very soon.

That is, unless, they decide an interview isn't necessary either.

Then, since I was on a roll with the productivity thing... I called the counseling office down the street. Cos homegirl needs some therapy. Gave them my info and they should be calling me back today to make an appointment.

So then I called and made a hair appointment, because I was still on phone call making mode.

And do-something-to-keep-from-going-batty mode.

Now Husband's about to go pick up lunch and I will pathetically annihilate it from my couch where I will be watching old Grey's Anatomy episodes in my pajamas.

I will say that this evening we have plans to take the pups out to a teeny tiny lake (read: pond) so they can blow off some energy. This will only happen if I don't suddenly become overwhelmed by all the job offers coming my way.

So I guess it'll happen.

See y'all after the lake (read: pond)!!

Happy Tuesday!!

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  1. Kaycie, don't get discouraged. You really just recently started putting yourself on the market. You're an awesome clinician and will land a stellar job - when the right thing finds you - or you find the right thing. The hospital may just have wanted someone either with experience, or maybe they didn't need another SLP? Anyway - keep your head up - keep looking, be persistent and you'll find the perfect opportunity!


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