Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Engagement Ring

I've posted once or twice about my engagement band and how poorly made it was. It was absolutely beautiful, but the stones kept falling out every few weeks and we were having to get them replaced constantly (10+ times in 2 years). Fortunately we purchased insurance for the band, so we never had to pay for replacement stones, but it's still frustrating as a newlywed to not be able to wear your ring!

It's hard to tell, but the top right corner stone is missing. This was taken the DAY AFTER he proposed. When he picked the ring up from the store, the stone was missing, so we've had problems since day 1.

I loved this ring so much. It was beautiful and exactly what I wanted. Not to mention Braylen proposed marriage to me and took me to be his wife with this ring, so it's, ya know... Kind of special to me. I have been fighting having to replace it for this long because I just hated to part with it.

Before our wedding ceremony.

I loved the detail from the side.

Another imperfection of poor jeweler skills... Notice that when they soldered the wedding bands to the engagement band, one side is flush and the other isn't. So frustrating.

Despite my hesitance to replace this ring that was so precious to us both... With all of the problems we've had with it and no end to them in sight... We decided to exchange it for a different style. I began looking online at their selection before we were able to actually go to the store and found this style I really liked:

I love side details and the scrolling just looked so beautiful and intricate. However, once we saw it in the store we instantly fell out of love with it. It looked like costume jewelry. I know that sounds harsh, but really... It did not feel like wedding ring material. 

Another style I found online, but wasn't as crazy about as the first ended up completely surprising us when we saw it in the store. It looked so much more beautiful in person than it did in its picture online. After a few weeks of praying over the situation, we decided to go ahead and order the new ring. It finally came in last week and I couldn't be more happy with it! It's even more stunning than my original ring (in my opinion) and because we were able to solder my original wedding bands onto the new ring AND transfer the big diamond from our original ring into the main setting of the new one... I couldn't be more pleased. It's so much better quality than the first... I have no fears of missing stones! 

See how sturdy those prongs are?! Those stones aren't going nowhere! (Excuse my double negative)

And it has the side detail that I love with the neat little peek-a-boo diamonds on each side. (I just made up that term "peek-a-boo diamonds" because I couldn't think of another way to describe them, I'm sorry)

I just love how it looks with my wedding bands!

So, all is well that ends well. We couldn't be happier with our new forever ring!

Note: You may have noticed I tried not to mention which jewelry chain we purchased these rings from (aside from their logo inside the ring box in one picture and the pictures I uploaded from their website). I did this because despite our original engagement band being of poor quality and having so many problems with it, the customer service (not to be confused with the repair shop service) has been nothing but stellar. I would recommend anyone use this jeweler... However, I would strongly advise to purchase the insurance plan with any major jewelry purchase because it's saved us thousands of dollars in missing stones. I have nothing against Kay Jewelers and will continue to purchase jewelry from them.

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