Saturday, June 4, 2011

What Dogs Really Dream About

4:43 AM:

BDR and I are woken up from a dead-sleep...

Note: Literally, I had just finished asking Shrek (During my interview w/him for the blog) "What animated Disney/Pixar character am I most like?" 
Note: Yes, Shrek was in my dream.
Note: Yes, I dream about blogging.
Note: Yes, I dream about Shrek caring what I blog about.
Note: Yes, my blogs revolve around me. shit
Note: For the record, he never answered me, obviously, so now I'll never know.
End notes.

... to the faint sounds of Luke Puppy dreaming about hacking up what has to be the world's largest fur-ball.

Note: Do dogs puke hair-balls? I thought that was just cats?
Note: Yes, my dog dreams.
Note: Yes, they really were faint sounds. It was a surprisingly quiet puke. Albeit large.
Note: No, he didn't actually puke. 
End notes.

All this time I thought puppies dreamt about chasing rabbits and fighting crime... 

Note: What else is logical by the paw-/leg-stirring, low grumbling growls, and running into walls?
Note: Luke doesn't actually run into walls. 
Note: But he does the running in place (albeit not as ferociously) and low grumbling growls.
Note: Poor Bizkit.
End notes.

... when really it's all about puking up hair-balls? 

Given our ninja, spring-to-action-from-a-dead-sleep-ness,
All I can say is "Bring it on, babies!" 

That is all.
I'm going back to bed now. 

End notes.

By the way, I still stinkin' wanna know Shrek's opinion.
I'll try to hit him up later, when my puppy's not dream-sick anymore.

End notes.

First night w/us.

Note: All these toys (and the pillow) have long sense been destroyed.

Including these ones.

And binky #2... Although that bone really is indestructible.

Back when we used to put him in the crate, in the car. What a pain.

He's since graduated to seat belts.

Still don't know wth happened to that pillow.

Oh yeah, that toy definitely bit the dust.


... Wonder if Kitty dreams about hair-balls?

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