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A blog I read (mommyfriend) started a project marriage challenge, and they posted the first challenge is this month, which is to blog about "your love story". I'm going to do my best not to make this too long, but we'll see how that goes...

August 2008: We met. Or rather, we had a class in college together. BDR was the only male in the class (actually, in the entire program), thus making it impossible for him not to be noticed. He kept to himself, for the most part, and often would play World of Warcraft during class instead of paying attention (sorry about calling you out, honey). The one thing I remember about these early days (before a thought of us being together was even on the radar) was that when he would stretch back in his chair his belly would show. Why I remember that, I haven't the faintest idea. (Oh, btw, when I ask him what he remembers about me in these early days, he gets all quiet and changes the subject. AKA... I was one of many females in the program that he paid no attention to. Hurray! [NOT])

This is in the classroom we met. The picture was taken the night I graduated college (obviously). 
April-May 2009: We became FB friends. After having several other classes together following the first one, we talked a little bit more each day. One evening (after his last final of the semester) he asked me on FB chat if I wanted to have a celebratory daiquiri with him. He came over, liquor and daiquiri mix in hand, and we made/drank the daiquiris right there in my living room. Afterwards, we went over to his apartment, watched Real Genius with his roommates (during which he became increasingly more tipsy, and thus more "affectionate" [AKA... homeboy was gettin' in my space]), and then he walked me back to my apartment. We continued texting that night, and the next day he helped me move into my new apartment (and also met my mother!). On May 7, 2009 we officially began our relationship together. May 2009 was filled with four incredible surprise dates (we alternated who would be planning each date). The first was on May 7th... We walked around his favorite college's campus (University of Oklahoma) and had dinner there, as well. The second date I planned... We went on a scavenger hunt around my hometown and the surrounding areas so he could learn a little bit more about me. The third date was his... he took me all over his hometown to show me special places from his childhood and adolescence. He cooked dinner for us and we ate under the stars. Then the fourth date I took him on an airplane ride over both of our hometowns (I had to one up him, right?) and he always says this is the night he fell in love with me. I cooked dinner for him at my parent's house and we had an amazing time together. 

Standing in front of the plane we rode in for the fourth date.
September 2009: For the fifth date, he took me out to his Papaw's orchard to take a walk in the moonlight. Little did I know I would leave there with a ring on my finger! We got out of his truck and walked, by the light of a kerosene lantern, towards the trees. Once we got a little bit closer, he silently put out the light from the lantern. We came up to a trail created out of sidewalk lights that led to a clearing between the trees. A bird bath was in the middle of the clearing, surrounded by lit torches. We walked up towards the bird bath, where he picked up a ring box, got down on one knee (in the mud, as it had been raining that day) and proposed. I said yes, we kissed, and his brother and two best friends set off fireworks in the background. It. Was. Perfect. 

Taken the day after he proposed.
A favorite from our engagement pictures.
May 2010: We were married on May 7, 2010... A year after our relationship began. I graduated college two weeks before our wedding date and we closed on our first home two days before the wedding... Needless to say it was a stressful time. Our wedding was absolutely perfect, despite the stress beforehand. I wouldn't change anything about our special day (aside from that the camera equipment broke so we don't have any video of the ceremony). So many of our close family and friends were able to come celebrate with us and it was just such a beautiful day. 

After being pronounced man and wife.
A favorite from our pictures taken the day after the wedding
(in the orchard where he proposed)
It's cliche and silly to say, but the rest is history. We just recently celebrated our first year of marriage, and we have never been happier. I can't wait to see what God's got planned for us next because so far our relationship and time spent together has truly been a blessing. 


  1. Beautiful love story. You guys look very happy together. To many more years of happy married life! #ProjectMarriage

  2. Such a sweet story! Love learning how everyone met their husbands. Thank you so much for linking up with us! #projectmarriage

  3. Awwwww (chills)! You look perfectly perfect together and it is so obvious by your pictures how much love is there!!! Thank you so much for joining Project Marriage!

  4. Oh I love your photos, it's like walking in a fairy tale. I especially like the one in your banner.

    Thanks for dropping by my site, i'm a new follower too.

  5. You looked stunning on your wedding day! Thank you for linking up to #projectmarriage


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