Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The BC Post

Breakfast: yogurt and granola; two slices of wheat toast w/butter, Truvia, and cinnamon; green tea
Mid-morning snack: tootie fruity
Lunch: two cheese turkey burger patties w/ketchup and pickles
Dinner: (modified) Aunt Cat's casserole
Dessert: NONE
Exercise: NONE =\

I feel like two full posts are enough for one day. But I do have a little remaining angst to share. About a month ago I called into the pharmacy to have my BC prescription refilled. I pressed all the right buttons on the automated system, but I had no more refills so I had to select the option where they contact the physician who prescribed it in order to get it approved. Anyways... A month goes by and I don't hear anything. So I called yesterday to chat about what I can do. The guy says it didn't get approved and he can re-fax the request if I want, but he doubts it will get approved since it didn't last time. So I tell him thanks anyways and go on my merry way about making an appointment with a new gynecologist to get another prescription (I've had problems getting the last one with every single refill). Anyways, appointment made. Then I get a call bright and early this morning saying that my prescription is ready to be picked up at the same pharmacy that said it wouldn't get approved. So... Long story short... I guess I can cancel the appointment I'd made because I'm covered now for (at least) the next three months.

We just got home from picking up the medication and syringe at the pharmacy. I sterilize my arm, the needle, the medication bottle (I don't know what it's called people.. I'm not a nurse)... And just as I stick myself....

Luke decides to get all protective and bark at some unsuspecting animal/person/piece of trash/blade of grass he spots outside the window.

Barked. Loudly.

Granted, the needle was already in and no injuries were sustained... But I nearly clobbered my dog I was so angry. I didn't and all is right with the world. No more possibility of pregnancy for at least three more months. Wahooooooo!!! (for some, anyways)

'Night y'all!

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