Friday, June 10, 2011

The Salad Post

Breakfast: yogurt and pear
Lunch: Grilled Chicken Amalfi (minus the angel hair pasta and add more vegetables) and a house salad from Zio's Italian Kitchen
Dinner: Romaine and spinach salad w/sauteed onions, feta cheese, and grape tomatoes; sprite zero and watermelon schnapps
Exercise: Wii Fit and 30 minutes of pilates

I don't know if any of you have noticed, but, for the most part, I eat the exact same thing for dinner every single day: Romaine and spinach salad w/sauteed onions, grape tomatoes, feta cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette honey mustard dressing. I eat this every night for two reasons: 1) Because I eat my "bigger" more substantial meal at lunchtime, giving me more opportunity to work it off the rest of the day, and 2) Because it. is. stinkin'. delicious. Not kidding, folks. So even though no one's ever mentioned my daily salad or in any way asked me what's in it... I'm gonna tell you. Because I'm a blogger, and bloggers like to hear themselves talk (or type, as it were).

Step One: Turn on Pandora to your favorite station (and politely ask Puppy to leave the kitchen).

Step Two: Take a sip of your favorite adult beverage. 
(Ever watched My Drunk Kitchen on youtube? If not, please go now. I'll wait.)

My personal preference is Sprite Zero and watermelon schnapps. YUM.

Step Three: Prepare the line-up of ingredients you will be using.

These are for seasoning the onions.

And these are for making the salad dressing. So easy.

<3 Spinach

Romaine <3
Step Four: Pile the spinach and Romaine generously into a fancy, expensive, antique bowl.

See my fancy bowl? Ohhhh yeahhhh. (I use about one handful of spinach.)

And about 2-4 handfuls of lettuce, depending on how big the handful.
Step Five: Add the grape tomatoes and feta cheese.

Step Six: Marvel at the beauty that is the onion. Take a moment to really appreciate it's magnificence. And then chop it all to hell. Oh, and turn on the stove, spray a pan with olive oil, and let it heat up.

Beautiful, no?

Okay, so I like to use a whole onion. Cos I'm slightly obsessed with onions. Cos my husband works nights and I don't have anybody to kiss so what does it matter, okay?

Step Seven: Take a second to wipe away your tears. It's okay.

I cry, too.
Step Eight: Dump the onion onto the preheated pan. Season the onion using the seasonings pictured (way) above: chili powder, seasoning salt, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and/or basically anything you want.

Does your mouth water looking at this? Mine does.
Step Nine: Politely ask Puppy to leave the kitchen again.

"I'll trade you this blue binkie for some onion, momma."
Step Ten: As the onions are cooking and breaking your heart with the smell, start preparing the dressing. Mix 1 tablespoon each of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and honey with 2 teaspoons dijon mustard. (Note: I think the site I got this from called for white wine vinegar, but I didn't have any so I used this instead. Feel free to use whichever vinegar your precious little heart desires.)

Okay, this isn't appetizing. 
Step Eleven: Spoon the fully cooked onion into the mixed dressing and stir it altogether. (Note: the site I got the dressing recipe from says to microwave the dressing for a few seconds after stirring. I skip this step by adding in hot onions.)

Step Twelve: Pour the dressing/onion mixture over your salad.

Step Thirteen: Admire your finished product. 

Step Fourteen: Take a good long whiff. Trust me, it's necessary.

Step Fifteen: Devour the salad until there's no crumb left. I did not picture this for your own good. You'll thank me later.

And that, my dear friends, is what I make every night for dinner. It's simple, tasty, and I absolutely love it. I hope you do, too, should you choose to try it. 

'Night y'all! 

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