Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Breakfast: eggs w/onion and red pepper; yogurt; green tea
Lunch: 1/2 grilled turkey breast w/reduced sugar ketchup and grilled asparagus; green tea
Mid-afternoon snacks: frozen grapes and a pear
Dinner: romaine and spinach salad w/sauteed onion, grape tomatoes, and feta cheese; green tea
Exercise: NONE (after five workouts in two days, my body told me I need a day of rest)

A week ago I wrote about the tornado that swept through the town we live in and the horrible loss that took place. Tonight a memorial service was held for Laron. I never got to meet her, so I probably should've been uncertain about whether or not I should attend, but my sister-in-law was very close with her so there wasn't a question... I went to support her. I also went so that I could in some morbidly and awful indirect way meet this precious soul that I never had the privilege to meet when she was alive. I know that, although the service was beautiful and I am told captured her personality perfectly, it pales in comparison to what actually knowing her would have been. With each speaker you could feel the tangible and palpable love for this breathtaking, whirlwind of a spirit that was Laron. I regret never meeting her and I will think of her often, as she did what so few people ever have the courage to do: live. Hearing about her life and all of her accomplishments in her short 24 years, I am inspired (as I know everyone else in the theater and many people all over the world also are) by her courage, strength, and compassion for others. I never had the honor to know Laron Short, but I will remember her forever. Please keep her family in your prayers.

I also want to ask that you pray for another family. I started reading a blog recently. The writer of which just recently (on May 26th) lost one of her precious baby boys (he was one of three--a triplet). It was unexpected and horribly sudden. Today was his funeral. Not even being a mother, I can't imagine the joy of having a child and loving them so immensely and immeasurably, and then losing them six months later... Especially not knowing the reason(s) why. It's just unimaginable. I pray that God keeps them in his arms today as they deal with this tremendous loss. If He's put it upon your heart to help this family with their enormous medical expenses, you can do so at the Bissing family relief fund donation site.

When I got home from the memorial service today, I made dinner. As I was walking through my house, from room to room, I was overwhelmed with knowing just how blessed I am. I have a home. It is a safe home that is just perfect for us right now. I have complaints about it, sure, but it is ours. It is unbelievable how much Braylen and I have been blessed with, not only in this time we've shared together in marriage, but our entire lives. I am overwhelmed, and that's pretty much all I can say. I know I take for granted many of the opportunities and experiences that come my way. I know I take the amazing people in my life for granted far more than I would want to admit. I know I'm being called to be better, to appreciate more, to truly live out what I believe in... I pray that my life and my actions can be a blessing to others, as Laron's was to so many, and as, I know, little Owen's was in his short time in this world.

Dear God, please help me to glorify you in my words, actions, and thoughts. Forgive me for falling short each and every day. I know I can never do enough, but I also know you love me anyway, regardless of my worldly actions or deeds. Please help me live my life according to Your will for me. Bless and watch over the Short and Bissing families as they cope with these losses. It is impossible to try to know why these things happen.. Only you know, God. Thank you for having the perfect plan for each of our lives. I ask that you ease their minds and help them look at the lives their loved ones lived, rather than the death they suffered. It's in Your son's name I pray, Amen. 

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