Friday, June 3, 2011

DAY 150!!! Oh, and Gene Mutations

Breakfast: eggs w/onion; yogurt; green tea
Lunch: chicken-vegetable soup; green tea
Mid-afternoon snack: popcorn
Dinner: romaine and spinach salad w/sauteed onion and mushrooms, grape tomatoes, and feta cheese; green tea
Exercise: NONE (oooopsie)

Note: I realize my facial expressions are HORRENDOUS. 
Well, I made it to day 150! I'm not ecstatic with the changes from days 100-150, but I am 100% thankful that I'm not back at day 1! Woo hoo!! Hopefully by day 200 (wow... 200?!) I'll be sporting a bikini!!! 

Pahahahahaha, I'm totally kidding guys!!!! Not in this lifetime!! 

Anyways, today was a great day... Spent the entire day with the Husband! We went up to my school for a bit so I could do some preparation for clinic. Then went on an impromptu date into Bricktown (yes, in the middle of the day). I am proud of myself because I resisted Marble Slab and watched BDR consume two scoops of what looked like heaven in cream form ice cream without even accepting so much as a nibble. I saved all my snack calories up for the popcorn we ate when we watched X-Men: First Class

Okay, so I'm not a big action movie gal (I know... Surprising right? C'mon.. Pick your jaw up off the ground.) but I actually kind of like the X-Men movies. When we got home we watched the original (I say "original" but there could be fifty other X-men movies that came before it and I wouldn't have a clue) X-men movie... the one with Halle Berry in it... And I liked that dang movie, too! I think it's the different super powers that get me. Which begs the question... What super power would I want? I mean, reading minds is cool and all, in theory, but I decided long ago (around the time What Women Want came out) that the whole telepathy thing just wasn't for me. I'm not so sure I want to know that badly what people think about me. I suppose if you could turn it off that's all well and good, but goodness knows I'm nosy enough I wouldn't want to turn it off and I think it'd drive me crazy to listen to everyone else's head voices (cos mine are talkative enough!). So that's out of the question. Ummm... Knives coming out of my hands doesn't really appeal to me. The whole magnet thing... Big whoop. My singing's bad enough so the loud-pitched sonar screech thing doesn't float my boat (although the fact that it can be used to fly is pretty sweet). Wait. That's it. I want to fly! So maybe take Angels powers, minus the ability to gleek fireballs.. Cos that's kinda silly, and I've never been able to gleek (despite my many failed attempts). 

Note: In this case, I am referring to "gleek" as pressing the tongue against the built up saliva in the salivary glands, thus causing a stream of spit to shoot an impressive distance out of the mouth (usually with the intent to hit someone), NOT a super addicted fan of the show Glee.

So, flying's my vote.

What gene mutation (AKA super power AKA magic trick) would you choose? 

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  1. I love this post! One of my favorite things is to see progress pics and, baby, those are some AWESOME progress pics! You're looking marvelous! I love it!

    P.S. I'm a huge Hugh Jackman've got a thing for Wolverine. And I like him BEST as Wolverine. Oh...I've had so many fantasies involving his mutton chops and those claws...and my clothing. LOL!


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