Monday, April 2, 2012

No More Cojones

Exercise: 45 minute yoga class
Breakfast: 4 hard-boiled eggs (1 whole, 3 whites only) diced up and mixed w/1 tbs fat free mayo, paprika, dill, and ground mustard (will not add mustard next time... blarg)
Lunch: chicken & veggies; grapes
Dinner: Quizno's usual: turkey pesto bullet and small harvest chicken salad; sweet potato BBQ chips (150 cals per bag)

I tried the 5:45 AM yoga class this morning.

Let me preface this story by saying that (like most normal human beings and grad school students) I love sleep. I avoid waking up early at all costs. The several times in the past I have tried working out in the morning have been a failure. I hate my life each second I'm working out because I know I could be using that time to sleep. I hate waking up even a second earlier than the last possible moment I can wake up to get where I'm going.

That being said...

This class was wonderful. It was a beautiful thing. I stretched, I breathed, I didn't think once about wanting to sleep. I felt relaxed yet energized by the end of the class. I had a better morning and, I believe, a better day because I went. I didn't have to feel guilty this evening for not wanting to workout (because hey! ... I already did).

I hate waking up early.

But from now until further notice I will be waking up at 5:20 AM each Monday and Wednesday and sweating my nonexistent cojones off. Because I don't want nonexistent cojones (does anybody, really?). And because sweating, stretching, strength, and movement = weight loss.

And because I want to do what's right for my body.


'Night y'all!

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