Friday, April 6, 2012

Wasting a Good Hair Day

Breakfast: power cookie (from 17 Day Diet book)
Snack: banana
Lunch: 2 turkey patties w/fat free American; mixed veggies sauteed in low sodium soy sauce
Dinner: romaine and spinach salad w/grape tomatoes, dried cranberries, feta, and Italian dressing
Exercise: None, rest day
Snack: yogurt

Braylen and I get our hair cut by the same hair stylist (Rryon @Salon 220 in Chickasha, OK).

I can't say enough good things about Rryon. He always does what we ask, gives honest opinions about what we should/shouldn't do with our hair, is hilarious and sincere, and altogether has a beautiful heart. (Kind of love you a little a lot, Rryon!)

I had an appointment with him today and, as per usual, he made my hair look completely fabulous.

With the upcoming wedding this Sunday, I've been asking him how I should style my hair for the 40s theme (to match my dress).

He suggested I go curly and pull back one side... Similar to this style:

Of course, with longer hair. And more loosely pulled back. {Source}
He showed me how to curl my hair after he finished cutting it. Because, having naturally wavy hair, I've never really had a need to learn how to curl it (and have always been frustrated with how easily it went flat). 

So now my hair is curled and looking good. And I have nowhere to go / nothing to do.

BDR refused my proposal that he leave work to come take me out. I don't know why he has to be so responsible all the time. Then again, how irresponsible of him to leave his wife alone on a night when her hair is looking mighty fine and she's antsy to go show it off? Doesn't sound like a wise move to me... 

I guess it's not really wasting a good hair day if I've taken pictures from every angle enough to show it to all you lovely people. At least, that's what I'll justify in my mind so I don't feel sick putting it up in a bun to workout later. 

If only Rryon would take me up on my offer to move into the guest room (rent free!!!!) and do my hair every morning. What a wonderful world it would be if he lived here with us. 

Prayer works, people. I'll never give up. 

'Night y'all!


  1. You are so right - it is gorgeous!

    1. Right? I wish I could ever in a million years do this to my own hair. So sad.

      Even sadder is that all I've done since my hair became beautiful this evening is sit on my couch and study. Try as I might, no one is free tonight. WHINE.

      (Sorry I'm being so pathetic, ha... I know I sound ridiculous)


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