Saturday, April 21, 2012

In My Dressing Room

I told you I've been wanting to shop lately. It was only a matter of time. The thing is, I rarely go shopping. So, when I do, I buy a ton of stuff all at once because it's been so long. We've been saving up for a while so I could have a good trip and get what I needed, and today was the day! I made one purchase yesterday, also, because I needed to get a dress for Braylen's graduation (more on that later). That single purchase made me crave a shopping trip that much more! Today we were passing Maurice's and I just had to go in. We made a small trip into Rue21 next door to see what kind of selection they had. I really liked the style in there and found three tops I ended up buying (as well as a really nice pair of jeans for Braylen) but they didn't have any pants that fit me, and that's what I really wanted. So we went over to Maurice's.

I couldn't stop picking out things I wanted to try on. The sales associate kept coming up and taking armfuls of clothes from me to fill my dressing room. It was out of control. I wound up trying on 30+ items today and spent about 2 hours shopping and trying things on. My poor, wonderful husband sat and watched TV on his iPhone and would look up every time I came out to tell me yay or nay. He was unbelievable. I'm way too lucky to have a patient hubs. He even went back to our house to get my Maurice's card for me!! Sigh... But enough about Husband (since my next post will be about nothing but him). I decided since this was such a huge excursion that I would bring you all along with me into the dressing room.

Before I get started, let me just say that I love stores like Maurice's (Cato's is another one I absolutely love for this reason). I love them because I can try on tons of things and choose items because they look/fit me the best. I am not limited by sizes of clothing. I don't have to make purchases because the items I pick are my only choices. I tried on so much stuff today and could turn down items that looked great on me just because I could. I wanted to buy everything, but had to be selective... and that's never the case in a "regular" store. Maurice's is special to me, also, because in some sections their sizes aren't S, M, L, or XL. They do a 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 scale, where 0 is size 14, 1 is 16-18, 2 is 20-22, 3 is 24-26, and 4 is size 24. So in certain pieces, I'm a size 0... and I love that! It's all a head trick, but it's a head trick I can buy into! Anyways, all that being said.. I just really like the store. I like the clothes, the customer service, the beautiful dressing rooms, and the way I feel when I leave the store. I will say, however, I hate the prices. It's ridiculous how expensive they sell stuff in there. Thus the saving up for a single trip. I digress though... Let's get to trying stuff on!

This is the dress I bought yesterday for Braylen's graduation (and what I will likely also be wearing to my own graduation).

The top part is like a pale peach color. Love it. Wish you could see more of the neckline in this photo. In my post about his graduation, I will attach another picture of this dress.

I sent the first shirt I tried on (and loved) out with the sales associate before I remembered to take a picture, so forgive me for not having a photo of it. Trust, it's gorgeous. Let's start with number 2 and probably my favorite top of the day, despite being so simple and "plain". 

I love the way it covers up all the imperfections and slims me down.
By the way, the jeans I'm wearing in the last picture and in most of my other pictures I bought, also. I was so excited to finally find a pair of jeans I love that fit me so well, I almost cried! It was the first time I've ever teared up in a dressing room from JOY instead of sadness. What a NSV! 

I thought it'd be cute if I held up how many fingers, related to what number item I was on. And then I realized I would need way more than just one hand (which is all I could use due to holding my phone in the other hand) so this is the only picture I did it for. I did not buy this shirt, by the way. I love the color and it looked good on me, but the price was more than I was willing to spend for a shirt I didn't love.
I really liked this shirt, and looking at this picture makes me want to go back and get it. I didn't buy it because Husband wasn't crazy about it. With so many other choices, I wasn't putting up a fight... But looking back, I'm wishing I would've stuck my tongue out at him. ha. It's just unlike anything I have in my closet and that's why I loved it. (Even if it does have "wings".)
Definitely did not purchase this shirt. It looked so much better on the hanger than it did on me. And the "wings" on this shirt weren't nearly as endearing as on the other. Just wasn't into this top.
LOVE THIS TOP. Everything about it. So pretty. Definitely bought it.

I really liked this tank, but again... I wasn't crazy enough about it to justify the price. It wasn't special enough.

Wasn't as big of a fan of these ruffles on me as I was of them on the hanger. And I feel like this shirt was showing off my rolls, rather than hiding them.

I liked this top but it was almost the same color as the first shirt I tried on (and loved... The one I didn't get a picture of =\ ) so I passed.

Liked it, but liked way too many others a lot more.

Didn't flatter me at all. Plus it seems kind of wintery (despite having holes all over it) and it's almost summer, y'all!

But I did buy these black dress capris! They'll be perfect for work since it's getting warmer!

I really wanted to love this shirt because it was gorgeous on the rack, but it just didn't look right on me.

See how pretty the lace is? With pale skin though, it just made me look even more washed out.

I wasn't crazy about this top, but Bray really liked it so I bought it. It's definitely unlike anything in my closet right now, and it'll be good for work (or church) so I like it!

This shirt, oh my goodness. I lol'd when I put it on. I loved it on the hanger. but it reminded me of clowns, for some reason. It had so many ruffles and these little dot things all over it. And the part that wrapped around my neck would be hot and scratchy over the summer. Not to mention it kind of grossed me out that it had other women's makeup on it. So this was a definite pass.

I LOVED the back of this shirt.

But wasn't crazy about the front. I have another shirt with the same ruffles that's a tank top in a different color, so I didn't want to buy another.

See? Same ruffles. I love them, but didn't want two of the same shirt.
 And then I tried on some LBDs.

I think that's probably the most hour glass-y my bod's ever looked. This dress gave me curves in all the right places. But it was SKIN TIGHT (as it was designed to be, not because it didn't fit) and I just knew I wouldn't be comfortable in it... Yet. I didn't purchase it, despite me looking at this picture now and thinking "Damn..."

This dress was... cute. And I didn't want another "cute" LBD. It was comfortable and flowy and flattering... But I have about 10 comfortable, flowy, and flattering dresses in my closet already so I passed.

Hello, winner! This dress had sparkles at the top, which I have none of in my closet (I know, what kind of girl am I, not having sequins) and I loved the way it showed off my curves.

I'll give you two reasons why Husband LOVED this dress. Hello, perfect date night dress!

Well, that was my trip to Maurice's today. I won't tell you how much I spent, but I will tell you that they are having a deal right now where if you buy $60 worth of clothing, you get 1 piece of jewelry (under $18) for free. And I got 3 pieces of free jewelry, so you do the math. With my purchases over the past two days from Maurice's, Rue21, and Shoe Department, I now have 7 new tops, 2 dresses, 1 pair of heels, 1 pair of dress capris, 1 pair of jeans, and FREE bangles and a necklace. Oh, and we bought BDR cologne, jeans, and dress socks.

Hope you enjoyed coming along with me into the dressing room. I left out a couple pairs of dress slacks and capris and one pair of pants because they wouldn't come all the way up and didn't think you'd wanna see me booty hanging out (you're welcome). Otherwise, that was everything. Afterward, I was exhausted but so so happy to find things I love (especially those jeans!).

I'll update ASAP about Bray's graduation yesterday (along with a couple photos of his handsome self in a cap and gown that you surely don't wanna miss... Nothin' hotter than a man with an education!). 

Hope y'all are having a pleasant Saturday!


  1. You look awesome!!!!! I love your figure!

    1. I can honestly say no one has EVER said that to me before (well, besides my husband, I guess, ha). Thank you so much, that is so sweet!

  2. Absolutely loving some of your finds!!! I'm definitely not a big shopper... but you're making ME want to take a dive!! xP


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