Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Funday

Breakfast: yogurt and power cookie
Lunch: 2 turkey patties w/fat free American cheese, mixed veggies
Exercise: 45 min walk with Husband & pups (2 miles)
Snack: a few pieces of beef jerky; bowl of grapes
Dinner: chicken & mixed veggies

I kicked today's butt.

I slept in late (love weekends) then got up and made lunch. Husband ate with me then we decided to go for a walk. It was pretty warm today (in the 80s) with a pretty low breeze so I was definitely a sweaty mess by the end of the walk, and the pups were foaming at the mouth and eager for a bowl of water. When we got back I hit the books hard and got through two chapters of my review book. I'm actually glad I read one of the chapters, in particular, because I think it will help me with my upcoming test on Wednesday (which I studied for yesterday).

BDR left for work and I studied a bit more; then I decided to cook dinner. I hardly ever cook for just myself anymore, because it's just easier to make a salad... But we don't have any lettuce (grocery run needed ASAP) so I made chicken & veggies. While I was cooking I decided to make my grocery list for tomorrow. This prompted me to look in the fridge and realize I needed to clean out all our expired stuff, which really wasn't as much as I thought it'd be... Our fridge is pretty bare since we started this diet a year ago. Most of the food we buy is perishable so it's gone within a few weeks anyways.

Once dinner was cooked, I stored half of it for my lunch tomorrow then put on a pot of eggs to boil. I've had this out-of-nowhere craving for hard-boiled eggs the past couple days so I wanted to make some tonight so I'll have them for breakfast in the morning. While those were boiling, I ate dinner.

Once I finished eating and got back in the kitchen to check on the eggs, I realized our spice shelf in the cabinet was bonkers. We have five different containers of red pepper (a couple ground cayenne and a few crushed), a couple Cajun spices, and several spices I've never used in my life (cumin, thyme, nutmeg, etc.). Also a couple extracts (peppermint and orange) that I only use, like, once every 2 years. Anyways, point being... My spice set-up was ridiculous. I took everything out, wiped off the shelf, and rearranged it all before I put it back in to make the stuff we use often closer to the front. My Opa (grandfather) told me just a couple weeks ago that I really need to get Lazy Susans for our spice cabinets, and now I'm convinced.

Once that was finished, I just decided to rearrange that entire cabinet. I removed the things I never use and put them in other places so they're out of the way. I figured out where things are going to go from now on so that we don't just put things wherever there's space.

Meanwhile, I put a load of sheets and blankets in the washer that I've been avoiding for a week now (our washer gets really temperamental with heavy items; once the spin cycle starts it shakes violently back and forth until we balance out all the sheets/blankets and make it even on all sides... It's a pain). I also wiped off all the counter tops and put all the dirty dishes by the sink for my lovely husband to do tomorrow (he's the washer of dishes in our house, thank God).

Now it's 8:45 PM and I'm headed to bed. I know that's crazy early, but our YMCA just posted their new workout class schedule and there's a 5:45 AM yoga class I want to try in the morning. Right now while I'm in school, the only class I can attend regularly is the Thursday evening yoga class, because I'm in class Mon-Wed evenings and they don't offer classes on Fridays. Now they have a Mon/Wed morning class, so I want to give it a shot this week and see if it's worth losing an hour of sleep. I have my doubts (because not much is worth losing sleep over) but at this point, I need to get my exercise in and I know I have trouble doing it in the evening once I've already gotten worn out by my day.

I feel like I got a lot accomplished this weekend. So I'm gonna chalk it up as a win.

Hope you had a great weekend, too, and that Monday treats you well!

'Night y'all!

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