Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Here's to Us!

Here's to us! Here's to ordering a salad when we really want a burger. Here's to drinking more water then seems possible. Here's to pushing yourself to go five more minutes. Here's to working out twice as much as your skinny friends. Here's to saying screw you to the old you, to falling in love with the new you, the you that you always wanted to become. Here's to looking in the mirror, not seeing any change and throwing on your shoes and hitting the gym anyway. Here's to sore muscles and shin splints, to sweat shirts and stinky socks. Here's to falling down and getting back up. And getting up tomorrow and doing it all over again!

I saw this posted on Sarah's blog, and I had to repost it. Feel free to repost it on your own blog.


  1. I love this.......great motivation.

  2. OMG I totally needed to hear this today! I was having the worst day every and was totally about to call my trainer and cancel tonight's work out but since reading this have changed my mind! Thanks for the awesome inspirational post, defiantly re-posting on my blog.


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