Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Breakfast: none
Snack: cutie
Lunch: 1/2 mixed green salad w/chicken and balsamic vinaigrette
Snack: 2 cuties; power cookie
Dinner: black bean turkey chili

It's a random thought kind of day. Haven't had one of these in a while, so bear with me.
  • After having my hair styled using product for the past several days, I left it to be au naturale today and it feels so soft. Like, really soft. It's crazy how only a few days of having it somewhat stiff (because of hairspray and such) can make me forget what my hair normally feels like. 
  • My husband cooked dinner for me tonight. I just really love him. A lot.
  • My interview went well today. Still do not know if I got the job, but time will tell! God will put me exactly where I am supposed to be, so please pray with me on that.
  • Speaking of prayers, thank you to those of you praying for my friend's family member. He is doing significantly better today (though not totally in the clear, just yet). Miracles happen though and your prayers are greatly appreciated! Continue praying for recovery! God is great!
  • I realized a few minutes ago that I haven't even thought about or considered doing the fitness/nutrition challenges for Biggest Loser this week. My mind is so focused on my comprehensive test this Friday that I haven't even given them a thought. Still tracking all my exercise minutes though. Still working out... Just not doing the challenges. Ah well. 
  • I also haven't been tracking on myfitnesspal as much. I just, seriously, don't have the time always. And the times I don't track it is because 1) I know I went over on a certain meal or 2) I know I didn't go over so I don't feel a need to take the time. I dunno. Maybe it'll come back to haunt me that I'm not tracking, but I haven't tracked in a long time and I'm still doing well, so we'll see. 
  • I'm embarrassed to think about how long the clutter has been sitting out in my house. I have things I haven't put away from our camping trip. I have things I haven't put away from Christmas! I have things I haven't put away since last semester! Yeah... Don't come visit my house until about a month after graduation (which is how long I figure it will take to clean every room in my house, top to bottom). 
  • Both my dogs just ran over to my cat (who was lying on the floor). Luke proceeded to lick her butt and Leia repeatedly chomped on her neck. I'm not sure what to make of this tag team effort. All I can say is I didn't stop them. What does that say about me? 
  • Speaking of Leia.... Her breath smells like poop. Literally. All the time. No matter what. How can I remedy this? Any/all suggestions are welcome. This is a problem that must be solved. (P.S. She doesn't actually eat poop, so having her stop is not a viable resolution)
  • Speaking of poop, Cooper has pooped in my parents house twice. Not because he can't control his bladder, but because the dog doesn't bark. Ever. As in... The past month we've known him, he hasn't barked at all. So he doesn't let them know when he has to go.
  • I bought a pair of jeans a month or so ago. Still a size 18 (I think it will be my size forevermore... No matter how much weight I lose... my jeans size hasn't budged in the slightest). They were a little snug at first... Not unwearable, by any means... But not "comfortable" necessarily. I can happily report that they fit me quite nicely now and I enjoy wearing them very much. 
  • This time next month, I will be two days away from graduating graduate school and being a Master of speech-language pathology. Holy crap. 
  • Sometimes I think watching my dogs do stupid stuff together is more fun than watching TV. (Note: I said "sometimes"). I think by the time we have babies and I get to watch them sleep I will no longer have a need for television at all. Think of all the money we'll save.... 
  • Oh wait, we'll be spending it on a baby. Nevermind.
  • Speaking of babies... We still aren't having one anytime soon. Just in case I hadn't made that clear. Despite our intense, continuous baby fever... We are refraining for now. Well, that is, unless God has other plans for us.
  • Sorry I'm coming back to this. I can't stand to look up from my computer screen because all over the living room there's just... junk. Everywhere. It's sad and upsetting. Can I just buy a new house, rather than clean this one? Pretty please? 
Okay, I really need to stop now, because this could just keep going and it's really not necessary at all.

I apologize if you made it this far.

'Night y'all!

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