Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekends are the Devil (And a Few Other Thoughts)

It's like that, only with weekends.

I've figured it out.... Weekends are my downfall.

I can make pretty good choices for myself during the week as far as diet/exercise go. And then Friday weigh-in comes and it's like my mind says it's party time all weekend because "I have all week to work it off". That's crap, let me tell ya. For the first round of Biggest Loser (way back in January-March of last year) we did weigh-in's on Monday and I feel like that was SO MUCH BETTER for me because it kept me straight all weekend (I like how I just used the term "kept me straight" as if I'm talking about a drug. Nice.) in preparation for Monday weigh-in. Now it's like the weekend is free reign for me to do whatever the heck I feel like and that's so so so SO stupid.

What do you do to keep yourself from overdoing it?

I can think of logical answers to that question that I would tell someone else. Obviously we need to have food at home to prepare ourselves so we don't go out. The thing is though, we have food right now... Foods I LIKE... And we still go out. The other problem with the weekends is that there's almost always at least one outing we go on with friends or family. For instance, today I went out to lunch with the girls I'm working with to celebrate one of their birthdays. So I looked at the menu online beforehand to try to pick out what I could eat. And then got there and ate a whole sandwich instead of half. I did stop myself from getting pasta salad and a cookie as a side, however, so it wasn't a total loss. But then instead of refraining from getting gelato afterwards (because I already had ice cream with Husband before lunch) I ordered three different flavors in a medium cup.


I guess you win some, you lose some.

I just really need to figure out a game plan for myself because I won't reach my goals if I keep sabotaging myself on the weekends. It ruins my attitude for the week when I do that so I don't know why I continue to do so.

So, again, I ask you... What do you do to stay under control on the weekends?


In other news, our tax money came in last week so our credit card balance is now at $0! Gosh, I love that feeling. I don't know why we let it accumulate like we do... It always feels so good to see it at zero!

I could easily spur up a shopping addiction. I really do love clothes. The more comfortable I feel in them the more I want to buy anything/everything. I tried on size 18s at Target today, where I've never bought jeans from before, and they didn't fit. It's so stupid. I've been a size 18 for as long as I can remember... No matter how much I've gained or how much I've lost. And yet... Some 18s fit and some don't come close. It's stupid. STUPID.

And that's why I like dresses. My thighs don't have to be constricted at all and they are much happier.


I went for a walk with my pooches today. Our weather here over the weekend was horrible so they stayed inside all weekend and were really feeling antsy today. We walked around the block across the street 4 times (equaling 1 mile) and it felt good to get out with them. They bug me a lot sometimes, but they really are good pups. I kinda like them.

Before a walk a few months ago.

After our walk tonight.

Check out what's happening with my neck. That's something new that's been going on within the past 5-10 lbs lost.

Speaking of shopping addiction... This is one of the shirts I bought at Target today.
A few thoughts:
  1. I desperately need to bite the bullet and get fitted for good tennis shoes. Immediately. 
  2. My arms are the next thing to go. I have got to work on them so much more. When school's out I will be able to go to Body Pump on Monday/Wednesday and that will greatly help, but I need to do more at home.
  3. That mirror was in our closet when we moved in. I've never cleaned it. Not once. Does that mean I win "Worst Homemaker Award"? If so, email me so I can get you my mailing address to ship my award to.
  4. I'll put it on the bookshelf I never dust right next to all the frames I've never put pictures in or hung up. 

'Night y'all!


  1. I tend to fall apart on weekends too - between a Friday weigh-in and the departure from my typical work week routine, it's easy to get off track sometimes. The best advice I have is to just plan, plan, plan! Make the weekend days as organized as M-F, filling your time as best you can with healthy activities!

  2. You're looking good!
    I don't see a problem with your neck. Are you sure you're not just crazy?
    We had guest over yesterday for lunch and we sat at table, eating, for three hours. I'm afraid to step on the scale today. We'll see.
    And yes, weekdays are easy for me since I only eat what I bring to work. And I carry no change so I'm never tempted to hit the vending machines. But at home, watch out!

    1. Oh, no problems with my neck... Just noticing more and more "definition". And by definition, I mean I can now see those tendons (or whatever they are) that are glaringly obvious in normal-sized people. It's a good observation, I promise. Although, that doesn't mean I'm not going crazy. ha. Jury's still out on that one.


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