Monday, April 9, 2012

Week 4 Weigh-In & Prayer Requests

AM Exercise: 45 minute yoga class (with Husband, I might add)
Breakfast: Kefir protein smoothie
Snack: banana; cutie
Lunch: 2 pieces leftover BBQ Hawaiian pizza from Domino's
PM Exercise: 60 minute Body Pump class
Dinner: Pict Sweet Tuscan Vegetable Medley w/melted Crystal Farms garlic & herb cream cheese

I was feeling like today was a "failure" because of those pieces of pizza (and because I ate crud all weekend and am still feeling poorly about it) but now that I type it all out... 105 minutes of working out and making healthy food choices for every other meal and snack really isn't that awful. Maybe I should've had my salad instead of pizza, but whatever. I didn't. I ate the pizza. And life still goes on. I am proud of myself for picking back up with good choices come dinner time. And for not skipping out on my PM workout, when I had every opportunity to.

I really need to make it a habit of focusing on the positive, instead of feeling guilty all the time. I feel if I habitually focus on the positive, it will create a desire within me to repeat more of what make me feel positive. I don't know if it will work, but it's worth a shot!

I never did post about Week 4 Weigh-In from Friday because I got wrapped up in school and spending time with Husband and family over the weekend. So, let's recap, shall we?

Stats for Week 4 Weigh-In with Biggest Loser:
Starting Weight for 2012: 262.2
Previous Weight: 243.8
Current Weight: 237.8

Another 6 lb loss? What the hey? 

I worked my butt off last week with workouts, but I still wasn't expecting to see that! I was going to be happy to get just below 240, but this blew me out of the water. So happy to see the 230s instead of 240s. I'd like to say I'll never see the 240s again, but I could probably find at least three previous posts of me saying that will never happen and then it did. So I'll just keep my mouth shut, my eyes on the prize, and try to make positive choices day by day. 

I have a couple prayer requests tonight, for those of you who speak to the Big Guy. My friend and supervisor from work needs prayer tonight for a close family member. I won't share any more info, but God knows what's going on. Please pray for him tonight and for the next couple of days. 

Another prayer request from Yours Truly... I have an interview tomorrow w/the place I'm interning at this semester. I would love more than anything to work there, so any happy thoughts, good feelings, and prayers you might want to throw up would be most greatly appreciated! 

If anyone has anything they'd like prayer for, I'd love to join with you in prayer! Share in a comment or send me an email (kayciechristine (at) gmail (dot) com). 

Have a great week, ya'll!

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  1. It's SO much more fun to find the positive in life! I watched a show on Oprah several years ago about a lady who had changed her WHOLE way of thinking about things-car breaking down was an 'opportunity' to lean on a friend for a ride, an unexpected bill was an 'opportunity' to use up all the food out of the back of her pantry (since she was broke!)!! Anyway, it was that sorta thing and if you TRY IT, you really can find something positive in ANY situation! PLUS, think of 'Aaaaaccentuate the positive, Eeeeliminate the negative...." and Pollyanna with grumpy old Mrs. Snow, and my PERSONAL favorite, you know how people like to worry about 'what ifs'? What if you get sick, what if you lose your job, what if your car breaks down....but the way I see things....what IF you're perfectly healthy for the ENTIRE time, what IF you get a promotion at work because you're so awesome, what IF your car works great and something FABULOUS happens?! So, my motto is.....EXPECT THE BEST!!! Don't hope for it, EXPECT it-Make it happen!!! Good day and good luck!!


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