Saturday, March 31, 2012


Breakfast: 4 hard-boiled eggs (1 whole and 3 whites), mashed & mixed w/1 tbs fat free mayo, paprika, and dill
Snack: unsweetened applesauce
Lunch: 2 turkey patties w/fat free American cheese, mixed veggies
Snack: power cookie from 17 Day Diet book
Exercise: 95 minutes at the gym... Cardio workout and arm workout
Dinner: romaine salad w/Italian dressing
Snack: yogurt

Today = great day.

I ate well, worked out hard, and am in the midst of studying.

Our fitness challenge this week for Biggest Loser is to "train for a duathlon". A circuit was posted that utilized both the treadmill and the stationary bike. In order to complete the challenge, this circuit must be completed twice. I did the first circuit today.


I modified it once I started and got into it because there was no way I could've finished had I not... And I really didn't want to just quit. Here's what the circuit is supposed to be:

Run for .15 mile
Bike for 2 min w/medium resistance
Run for .30 mile
Bike for 3 min w/medium resistance, off of the saddle
Run for .45 mile
Bike for 2 min w/hard resistance, off of the saddle
Run for .30 mile
Bike for 1 min w/hard resistance
         Then repeat in reverse order.

Yeah, I know. When I read it it sounded kind of simple, too. But holy. crap. 

It took me 51 minutes and 48 seconds to complete it today.

Hopefully my next time will be a little quicker! I'm just happy with myself for completing it!

For now, it's back to studying!!

'Night y'all! 

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