Saturday, March 10, 2012

BYOC -- Bring Your Own Crazy (A Day Late)

1.  When you're sick - what comforts you?
Not much. You know how they say men are awful when they're sick? Well, I'm not saying that's wrong (by any means). I'm just saying... I'm pretty awful myself. I don't get sick often, but when I do I'm a whiny, needy biotch. Although, now that I think about it... I'm kind of like that anyways. Sigh...

2.  How attached to your cell phone are you?
Well, here's the thing. I'm pretty darn attached in the fact that I like to have it in my possession at all times (especially when traveling, because you just never know). BUT I also have a "stupid" phone (as opposed to a "smart" phone). My phone only texts/calls/takes pictures. No fancy apps or data plan. So while I often have my phone in my possession, I don't often sit with my thumbs glued to the screen. Especially not when I'm with friends/family. (*Can you tell this is a pet peeve of mine?)

3.  What brand, color and kind of sneaker do you own to work out in?  Why?  Do you get a custom fit or just pick one off the shelf?
We have yet to buy legit workout shoes for either of us, so I wear shoes I bought at, like, Shoe Factory or something. I can't even remember what brand they are. New Balance maybe? The next pair of shoes I get will be expensive (because we will be purchasing from an athletic shoe store) and we just haven't had the money to save up yet.   
4.  Do you ever wish you'd picked a different name for your blog and why?
I have thought about it before, but right now it still fits how I feel about my life. The blog was never supposed to be pinpointed in a certain area. It's just my life. I happen to be losing weight at this point in my life, so it seems like a weight loss blog. I happen to be in graduate school right now, so it could be a student life blog (although I haven't seen too many of those.. Probably cos most students are actually studying, whereas I blog instead... Something to think about). I happen to be a newlywed, so it could be a relationship blog. I happen to want children, so in the future it could be a mom blog. It is whatever my life is... Which is now and will likely forever be unexpectedly fortunate and blessed.

5.  Repeat question.  Summarize your week in real life and in blog land.  
Real life has been good. We have had a house guest for the past couple of days that I will tell all about very soon. He's brought lot of joy into our home, and my heart is torn about what to do next. (Oh, and it's a dog, by the way). 
Blog land has been... absent? I haven't had time or energy to focus on blogging this week. I apologize for not commenting as much as I had been. I fear that with my comprehensive tests coming up (therefore obvious mandatory study time) Unexpected Fortune might be on the back burner for a while. I'm still here and the fight's not lost... I just really need to focus if I want to finish up school.
That's it!  Have a good weekend!  And don't forget to link up at Drazil's blog if you participate in BYOC

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