Friday, February 24, 2012

Valentine's Day: Part II (finally)

I realized while answering questions for BYOC earlier that I never posted Part II of my Valentine's Day! (Find Part I here). Last Saturday, we met up with our good friends at our favorite restaurant in Bricktown and had a delicious meal together. It was so nice to chat with them... I just love having good people in our lives! Afterwards, we headed to Starbucks so everyone could get their coffee-fix (except me, because I'm not a coffee drinker). They went home to their sweet baby girl and Bray and I headed for the main event (or what was supposed to be the main event). A few weeks ago a new lounge opened up in Bricktown that I wanted to take BDR to as a surprise... It's a burlesque and jazz lounge! I thought "Wow, that sounds really interesting and fun and something crazy we've never done before". Anyways, we got there and the first thing that happened was the bouncer/ID checker guy looked BDR over and said "It's fine tonight, but next time leave the jeans and tennis shoes at home". Uhhh... Whoops? So that was embarrassing and unnecessary (did I mention I was in jeans, too?). So then we got to the counter to pay the cover charge and it's TWENTY DOLLARS A PERSON. What? Did I hear you wrong? Sigh. I rationalized spending the money by saying it's only one night... It's Valentine's Day for us... It's just money. But then, the clincher... We walk into the lounge (the show hadn't started yet) and despite there being open tables as far as the eye could see.... There was no seating available because all the tables were reserved.
So, to sum up... We paid $40 to go to a club where we were entirely underdressed (apparently? Which is funny, considering the waitresses and dancers were wearing next to nothing) where we'd have to stand for the entire show. Um. No thanks. So we got our money back and left. Because we're cheap and tacky.

Instead, we met up with my BFF and her boyfriend and accidentally went bar hopping. We couldn't find seating anywhere and ended up trying 3-4 different places before deciding to leave Bricktown and head to a pool hall in another part of town. It was so fun. I love hanging out with them.

Jess and I were obsessed with having our picture taken because we have next to no pictures of us together and that's dumb. I thought these turned out lovely (despite my cheeks being red from drinking and being hot... as in "warm"). After the pool hall, we went to IHOP, because no night out on the town is complete without breakfast (or chicken fried steak, in my case... Whoops). 

All in all, it was a wonderful evening! None of my plans turned out how I originally thought they would... But it ended up being better than I could have planned it. I love it when that happens!

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