Saturday, February 4, 2012

Week 4 Weigh-In

Breakfast: none
Lunch: 2 turkey patties w/cheese and sauteed onions; sweet potato fries
Snack: yogurt; 2 cutie clementines
Dinner: taco salad
Snack: yogurt

What a week! As I've been saying, things are super busy, but I'm still loving my internship so it makes it all worth it! I was able to spend some time with my husband a little more than usual this week, so I took advantage of that. We went to the movies again last night and saw "The Woman in Black" which was a huge disappointment, but I won't say any more.

All this week I've been mentally going back and forth and struggling with food. I've been having some pretty large and intense cravings. Earlier this week I went to the grocery store. As I went through the bakery section, I passed a display packed with cookies, cakes, and doughnuts. I've really been craving sweets lately so this was really hard for me. I kept thinking "I could buy a package of doughnut holes, eat the whole thing, and nobody could stop me or tell me I can't." It took all I had not to put a package in my cart, but I didn't. The only person stopping me or telling me I can't is me, and that's the only person I should be listening to. So I pushed those thoughts away and kept moving forward.

But even after that, I was tempted throughout the week. I held myself together, for the most part, until last night. I finally decided that instead of constantly telling myself I can't have this or that, I need to allow myself some leeway now and again. Maybe I took it too far (a burger and fries + chips and queso) but heck, I've got the rest of my life to work on this. One meal of indulgence won't ruin my shot at becoming healthier. Unless I let it become my excuse for continuing to eat unhealthy ("Well, I ruined my diet yesterday... Why try at all today?"). I can't and won't let that happen again.

My fire is still lit and I won't let my bad attitude last week put a damper on it.

Stats for Week 4 Weigh-In with Biggest Loser:
Starting Weight for 2012: 262.2
Previous Weight: 247.2
Current Weight: 246.6

Down 0.6 oz.
I'd be disappointed if I weren't so thrilled I didn't gain. Next week will be a big week for me, as we go back to the first cycle. I'm excited to see what I can do with next week and happy to say I feel better about myself and the way I look with each passing day!

First time I'd straightened my hair in months. Love how long it's getting. And how my face is looking thinner.

One day that pooch will be gone for good!

And because my dog was being cute patiently waiting for me to finish my blog post and take him outside, I had to take a picture:

Yes, he's resting his head on a slipper.
'Night y'all!

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