Friday, February 10, 2012

In Other News

Breakfast: 4 egg whites w/onion; yogurt
Lunch: a tomato stuffed w/chicken salad, cheddar cheese, and grapes; side salad w/low fat Italian
Snack: 2 Savannah Smiles cookies and 1 Thin Mint cookie
Dinner: side salad w/raspberry vinaigrette; steamed broccoli

My meals today were lame. My meals this weak were lame. I am over restaurant side salads (which I've been eating a lot of lately due to an increase in restaurant visits w/family and friends). I can't complain about the going out with family/friends, because I absolutely love and encourage that. But my disdain for restaurant side salads is ever-growing. In fact, I'm beginning to feel bitter towards them. Because not only are they less satisfying and delicious than a salad I can make at home, but they often have so much extra crap on top that there's barely any lettuce. So then I want to order a large salad like a dinner cobb or chef salad, but have to ask for no bacon, eggs, cheese, croutons, or anything else that might be remotely delicious unhealthy... And still get charged the $7-8 for a big salad!

Okay, so I realize I'm complaining about a dang salad and I need to shut up. So I will.

About that, anyways.

In other news, my puppy sleeps with in bed with me now. The littlest one, I mean. Luke sleeps with me every once in a while, but he's too big to sleep in bed when Bray's there also. Anyways, my point is... Sleeping is that much more pleasant when you have a cuddly puppy snuggling beside you.

Especially when they stay in bed and don't jump off to pee on the floor. Which Leia, thankfully, doesn't do.

In other other news, one of my closest family friends (the one we threw a baby shower for in January) is finally having her baby tomorrow. Or, at least, she's being induced tomorrow (after 40+ weeks of pregnancy-bliss). So I'm taking the day off my internship (thanks again, Amber!) to go and be with her and meet precious little Jaxon. I'm so excited to meet him and so honored to be there for the experience! Please pray that we are able to welcome a healthy baby boy into the world tomorrow and that Mom can get some rest tonight!

In even more news, my car is quickly becoming a piece of junk and a pain in my ass neck. Last week, a flat tire. This week: dead battery, oil change, and weird noises every time it's driven. Oh, and my tag lights are still out and it's only a matter of time before I drive through a small town and get pulled over again. Forgive me if being pulled over 5 times in the past year has me feeling a little paranoid and jaded.

For the record, I only received one ticket. The others were to tell me about various lights being out and to come to a complete stop while exiting the highway. Amen.

And the last bit of news: I think I've forgotten how to exercise. Every attempt I make is thwarted or excused away by this or that. I will not list my reasoning for not exercising enough, as I know they're all insufficient, bogus, and just plain stupid. But I will say... I need to get my butt back in gear. I reminded myself yesterday of the goal I set for my next ob/gyn appointment in April: a loss of at least 30 pounds. I've already lost 15 of the 30, so I'm not off track, by any means... I can just feel it slipping away the farther I get from good exercise habits. And this makes me heart hurt. And makes me want to feel sorry for myself. And sit on the couch and watch reality TV. And not exercise.

Oh heck. 

'Night y'all!

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