Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Not-So-Bad Dog Post

Breakfast: strawberry yogurt
Lunch: turkey chili
Exercise: 45 minutes cardio (treadmill, arc trainer, and bike machine); lower body workout on Cybex weight lifting machines; 20 minutes playing racquetball
Dinner: Weight Watchers crusted honey mustard chicken and sauteed mixed vegetables
Snack: popcorn

Find the recipe here

Another fantastic day at home with Husband. It's few and far between that we both have nothing to do on his days off, so I've got to say I've really enjoyed doing nothing on his days off. We've been able to sleep in both days, work out together both days, eat dinner together both days, and go to bed together both days (which we never get to do since he works night shifts). 

I pretty much love that man o'mine. <3

On an opposite note, what I don't love, is how twice in the past three days our neighbor has made a point to tell us that Luke, our lab, has been aggressively barking at his 4 year old granddaughter while they've been playing outside. Apparently, "she gets kind of scared" when he does that. Except when she stopped me as we were walking to the house today she said "Wuke was talking to me today" and did not sound scared in the slightest. She's never been scared of him. She's loved him from day one and always asks about him anytime I see her. According to our neighbor though, Luke's barking is "annoying". Well, sir. He's a dog. They bark. And he's been the exact same dog with the exact same amount of barking (which is not excessive... he only barks when someone passes the house, which isn't often, especially now that it's cold out) since we got him... In June of 2010. It's not like we just got a new dog and there's all the sudden something new to complain about. It's the same dog doing the same things in the same yard. So why the commotion?

Sorry for the vent. It just puts me in a really uncomfortable position because he's otherwise been a great neighbor to us (he mowed our lawn for us 3-4 times last year when our mower broke) and I want to make them comfortable, but there's no way I can keep my 90+ pound dog indoors at all times because 1) his barking is annoying and 2) he's barking "aggressively". Which is another thing, because Luke is not aggressive. If I thought our dog was a threat to anyone, he would not be left unattended. But anyone who knows him knows that Luke and aggression just don't go together. The only reason why he is barking at them is because they never (ever, ever, ever) are in their backyard, and now all the sudden they are... So he's confused about it and he's being protective of our house. Literally, they've never been outside the entire almost two years we've lived here... And now they've been out several times in the past week. That is a new behavior introduced to Luke, so of course he's not used to it. 

I'm just saying, there's nothin' wrong with my dog. 

But I didn't mean to vent that much. 

Whoops. Sorry! 

Now I'm gonna go pet my dog, because he's really sweet and I feel like somehow his feelings are hurting. 

Or maybe that's just me. 

'Night y'all!

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