Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Good Day Post

Breakfast: yogurt; eggs w/onion and sweet 'n' hot relish
Snack: cameo apple
Lunch: turkey tenderloin w/cabbage, carrots, and onion (all cooked in crock pot for 12+ hours)
Exercise: 30 minute interval treadmill walk; upper-body workout on Cybex strength machines; 10 minutes of racquetball
Dinner: eggplant parmesan
Dessert: yogurt

What a good day! I forgot how much I enjoy cooking! It's a pain in the butt in our kitchen because it's a mess all the time and really hard to keep clean, but I like making good food. The eggplant is in the oven now and I can already smell it. =]

We had our first day working out at the YMCA today and I'm really excited about going back! There were a lot of people in the area with the treadmills and ellipticals and I admit I got slightly intimidated so I didn't do as much there as I will try to next time. I'd like to do the elliptical, rowing machine, and the arc trainer. Husband outdid himself in the free weights room and wasn't able to last as long after for racquetball, so we had to cut that short.. I think I could probably stay in the racquetball room the whole time and be happy. I love it!

Anyways, I'd call day one of working out at the Y a success. I could have stayed much longer, but BDR wanted to get home before it got dark and cold because we walked there and he didn't want me to get sick again walking home. Now he's passed out on the couch waiting for dinner. Poor guy. I hear his wife never feeds him...

At least he's got the cat to comfort him.

The next round of Biggest Loser starts on Friday... Wish me luck! I'm really looking forward to it this time. My cousin and also my best friend are joining me this time around and I'm so excited to share the experience with them. I think this will be a great 8 weeks!

'Night y'all!

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