Monday, January 16, 2012

Food Prep & Week 1 Weigh-In

Breakfast: none
Lunch: none
Snack: yogurt
Dinner: shredded iceberg lettuce w/ground turkey and onions (cooked in taco seasoning), tomato, cheese, and hot n sweet relish
Dessert: yogurt

Had a late start to the day today because I had some trouble getting to sleep last night. So seeing as how I didn't get up until noon, I didn't have breakfast and ended up skipping lunch because I just wasn't hungry (crazy concept, I know... It's a new thing for me). We desperately needed groceries so I made a list and headed out to my favorite grocery store (30 minutes north of here). Stocked up on everything I'll need for the next two weeks. Then decided on the way home that I was going to cook a lot tonight to have meals ready for this week. So as soon as I got home, I put the groceries away and cleaned the kitchen. My mom stopped by with a friend of hers to visit on their way home from OKC. Once they left, I got busy in the kitchen. I'm pretty proud of myself by how much I managed to make in a relatively short period of time:

4 servings of the meat/onion mixture for taco salad (one of which I ate tonight for dinner)
5 big servings of black bean turkey chili
2 servings of chicken and vegetables
2 servings of chicken and couscous

I was going to make more vegetables and some turkey burgers, but I thought I made enough for one night. I just wanted to get meals ready because I'm not sure how much free time (or energy) I'll have this week with school/internship starting back up. Better to be prepared than go without a meal (or resort to unhealthy fast food options).

Oh, and to update on how weigh-in went! I keep forgetting to do that, huh? Last weigh-in, on Friday, January 6th, my starting weight was 257.4 lbs. This past Friday, January 13th I was:

254 lbs! So I lost 3.4, which I'm pretty happy with. I knew I did well on my diet and put in 250 minutes of exercise that week, so even if the number wouldn't have been as good as it turned out to be, I can't be unhappy with myself. This time around, I really want to strive to focus on good choices and health versus achieving high numbers each week. Yes, I have to maintain some kind of focus on the number because I am in a weight loss competition and I need to lose weight and body fat to be more healthy. But I don't want that to define my mood each day/week. This needs to be about more than a number on the scale. 

Have a blessed week! 

'Night y'all!

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