Saturday, July 9, 2011

This Isn't Over

Another day off the wagon. This day not so horribly off as the past couple weeks. I planned on starting cycle one of the diet today, but 1) we don't have the foods required on cycle one and 2) we had a family reunion to go to today and I'm a sucker for casserole.

So, I guess I could say I'm starting tomorrow. But that's not true because I still don't have the groceries and I don't feel like driving to OKC to get them. So. I guess Tuesday will have to work. Again, I apologize for my lack of enthusiasm about this.

I pretty much feel like I'm letting down all of you who have told me I've inspired them. But, I guess this is as real as it gets. Life gets in the way sometimes. I am being totally honest when I say that I don't feel entirely horrible about it, as much as I should. I've learned a valuable lesson from this, I think. I've learned that there are going to be good days and bad days (weeks, months, years). It took me 21 years to become as fat as I was. I will keep losing weight. It won't be as fast as it was when I first started because I've lost the motivation to stick to the diet 100% of the time like I did in the beginning. But it will still come off.

I do need to make changes though. Many changes.

I just need my drive back.


These pants fall off of me now.

I'm not finished. This isn't over.

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