Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Morning Husband Post

I rarely post in the mornings because 1) I'm either at school or asleep, depending on the day and 2) my posts revolve around what I eat each day so I wait until evening so I don't have to predict what I'll eat and how I'll exercise. Cos let's face it.. Chances are that will change. Heck, it changes even if I post about it in the evening. I edit 80% of my posts.. Just a little fun fact for you.

Anyways, my mornings are usually pretty fantastic, and this one was no different. And I don't mean in a I'm-a-morning-person kind of fantastic, cos that's furthest from the truth. Let me explain..

Husband gets home when I'm getting up. In fact, he's usually the one that wakes me up (who needs alarm clocks when you have a puppy that goes ape when his daddy comes home, making enough noise to wake the dead?). He's a pretty wonderful husband, if I do say so myself (and I, obviously, do). While I'm taking my time (lots and lots of time) brushing my teeth, doing my hair (which equals pulling it out of a hair tie, shaking my head, looking in the mirror, and saying "Eh... Good enough"), and various other bathroom duties... He's taking care of feeding the pooch AND making my breakfast. That's right, folks. I've got a man who can cook. I'm tellin' ya... He cooks eggs infinitely better than I can (and I'm not just saying that so he'll keep doing it... Although that's not a bad idea..). Some days, if I've neglected to cook a day ahead of time so I have my lunch ready to pack in the morning... He'll cook me breakfast and lunch.

Today he got up on his day off to cook me breakfast.

I'm not gloating. Simply bragging on my husband and how outrageously incredible he is. Especially in the morning.

Except for when he first comes in to kiss me good morning and kisses me square on the ear. Ever had somebody do that? The suction man, it's loud. We've had talks, but I'm still workin' on breaking him of this habit.

But hey, if that's my only complaint in the morning... I think we're on the right track. At least he's kissing me on the ear and not giving me a wet willy or yelling in it or pouring water in it or any of the other variety of things you could do to ones ear while they're asleep.

I'll keep him.

Have a good afternoon! I'll be back later.

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