Friday, July 29, 2011

The Rake Post

Breakfast: yogurt and strawberries
Lunch: turkey chili
Mid-afternoon snack: chocolate chip cookie dough milkshake from Braum's
Dinner: turkey chili
Dessert yogurt:
Snack: popcorn
Exercise: NONE

Before I get into the point of this post, I just want to share my most recent blonde moment with you. I weighed in yesterday and posted about it... A day before I was supposed to. All day yesterday I thought it was Friday and since I weigh in on Fridays... I went ahead and did it. Oops! Well, I've got some good news to report... I weighed in this morning (when I was actually supposed to) and I'm down another dang two pounds from yesterday... Which puts me 6.4 lbs from Sunday... 239.4! I not only lost a bunch, but I'm back out of the dreaded 240's... And this time, for good! Just wanted to share that little bit of joy with y'all! 


You know those projects that you keep putting off because what you have right now "works" and it's nothing essential? I decided to kick off my 3 weeks of summer vacation renovations with my necklace holder. Nothing too big or unmanageable, and I just so happened to find just what I was looking for today.

I was inspired a few weeks ago by something I pinned on Pinterest:

And decided I had to try this. There were several other ideas I saw and loved, but this was the easiest to replicate and also one of the more original ideas, so I put it to the back of my mind and waited for an opportune time. 

Today, that time came. We were headed downtown (which consists of a 1/4 mile strip of antique malls, barber shops, and jewelry stores) to go to an old drug store that sells the most amazing milkshakes you've ever had. We didn't end up getting a milkshake (there), but along the way we stopped by four different antique stores in search for The Perfect Rake Head. Two stores just didn't have any and one had one but the prongs of the rake stuck straight out instead of bent and I didn't feel like taking the time to bend every prong. The fourth store (and by far the most packed to the brim) happened to have one and the little old lady who (I assume) owns the place knew exactly were it was hanging on the wall under about five layers of other stuff. It took some doing, but she was finally able to get it off the wall. And for $5, you can't beat it! 

So this is the picturebook story of how my rake jewelry holder came to be: 

Old necklace holder. Notice something?

Somehow, both prongs came off of this one side. Not at the same time either. About two years apart. I don't know how things like that happen.

My attempt to balance the new rake head.

Fits the space quite nicely, I think.

Plenty of space for what I have, and still has room to grow.

Added the twine bow.

My attempt to cover the nails. 

And then my attempt to make the bow look more girly. I cut this ribbon off of one of my dresses (you know those annoying ribbons they put on some dresses/tops so you can hang them easier, but all that they're good for is making you look silly by popping out of your clothes? Yeah... that's what this was.)

Ta-da! Finished product!
I didn't realize until I went to find the original pin on Pinterest how remarkably similar the rake head I bought is to the one I got the idea from. For some reason, when I bought mine I thought it was way smaller than the one I saw, but they actually look like they could be the same rake... They both have 14 prongs and everything! Creepy.

Anyways, this was my first project of many that I'll be posting over the next few weeks. At least, that's the plan! We made a list a week or so ago of all the little things we want to do to spruce up the house, so stay tuned!

'Night y'all!

P.S. Husband went with me on the Search for The Perfect Rake Head, and I'm happy to report that he didn't break a single thing in any of the four stores we went to. His mother was very proud. As am I. My baby's growing up. =] (Love you, honey!)


  1. That is so neat! I love little things like that.
    And i'm obsessed with antique stores.

    I want one!!! (just another excuse to go shopping!!)

  2. Looks great. Love crossing those easy projects off the list.


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