Friday, July 29, 2011

Fill Me In Friday

My Hips Don't Lie started a new Friday tradition. And everyone that's known me since Myspace days knows I love me some surveys. So here we go! 

1. What method are you using to lose weight?
We've been doing the 17 Day Diet from day 1 and absolutely love it. Every once in a while life gets in the way and we stray from the course, but it's super delicious and so easy... It's brought a love for cooking back into my life (sometimes when I wish I could ignore it). Oh, and then there's that whole exercise thing, which I try to do in moderation. 

2. How many pounds down are you and how many to your goal weight?
When I started this journey in January, I was at my heaviest: 290 lbs. As of this morning, I am 239.4, which means I've lost 50.6 lbs! So exciting. I haven't really decided on a "goal weight" yet, seeing as I'm not sure I'll ever be the right weight for my height (140-150). I'm thinking once I get to 155 or 160 I'll be thrilled! So I guess about 80-85 lbs. Ew yikes.. That sounds like a lot. BUT, one step at a time...

3. What is your new, favourite "healthy" food.

Oh my gosh. I know I talked about this way too much the other day, but we made
eggplant parmesan for the first time on Wednesday, and it was absolutely phenomenal! Straight out of the 17 Day Diet book, too, so I know all that amazing deliciousness was completely healthy. 

4. At how many pounds down did you find your self image changing?
Oh man, I don't even know! I feel like every time I feel lighter in my skin and clothing I get that bubbly feeling of happiness inside. It's happened for me several times. I can tell when the diet is working, and not just by the number. I honestly don't think I can pinpoint one spot. 

5. What do you do to stay motivated?
I'm still finding the right ways to do that. Husband and I still get ice cream usually about once a week (oops, this week we've gone twice) so I still have some fun w/food. And I've been buying a lot of clothes lately, which I've never been able to do... And that definitely keeps me feeling good and motivated to continue. I love it when I try something on, my jaw drops, and I have to stop myself from saying out-loud "Damn, you look hot!"

6. What's your least favourite physical activity?
RUNNING. RUUUUUUUUNNINGGGGG! I hate it. I'm no good at it. I have flat feet and so after about 20 yards I feel like falling on the floor. Anytime I go jogging, I have shin splits for the next three days and it hurts to get out of bed every morning. It. Is. So. Frustrating. 

7. Who has been your biggest supporter during your weight loss?
Without question, my husband. He has always told me I look good, but every once in a while he adds a little squeeze to his hug and tells me how small I'm getting. It's nice. =] 

My Mom and MIL have also been a huge support for me. They have both bought me celebratory clothes for my weight loss (hey, can never say no to new clothes!) and both try to cook according to our diet whenever we visit. Love them both! 

8. What is the strangest thing you've seen this week?
Well, ya know.. I really can't think of anything. I've sat here looking at the screen for, like, 5 minutes and nothing's come to mind. I guess my life was strange-less this week.

9. What is the nicest thing you've done this week?
That's a tough one. I didn't do anything extraordinarily nice this week. I suppose cooking for him this week has been more than what I've been doing lately, so I'm going to count that. 

10. If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?
On the road headed to a beach. Or, ya know... Actually ON a beach. Mmm... water. 

Post your answers to your blog or in the form of a comment. Let's get the crazy train going and have a fantastic weekend!

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