Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Back in the Saddle Post

Breakfast: 4 egg whites w/1 medium onion; green tea; grapes
Lunch: chicken and veggie stir-fry; fiber one oats and chocolate bar; baby carrots
Mid-afternoon snack: fiber one oats and chocolate bar
Dinner: cucumber and tomato salad; green tea
Snack: Townhouse Flatbread sea salt & olive oil crisps
Exercise: NONE

I realized the other day that if I don't want to be back to embarrassment in a bathing suit when we go to the reunion at the lake in a couple weeks, I can't opt out of dieting for too long... So Bray and I started at day 1 yesterday. I did well yesterday and today... No cheats. Well, the fiber one bars and flatbread crisps aren't technically part of the 17 Day Diet, but I still was under my calorie count so I'm not going to beat myself up too much. I try to keep in mind that making choices like that (although I know won't get me the kind of results I'm capable of) are still better than choosing the Snickers bar that was calling my name when I bought the Fiber One bar instead. One day at a time. I'm going to try my best not to pressure myself this time around. I need to remember that these are good choices I'm making for myself, instead of feeling like every carrot I bite into or salad I prepare is a chore.

Speaking of salads. Remember the romaine and spinach salads I ate for every dinner for the longest time? Yeah, they got old. Still very delicious, but I just don't feel like even taking the time to cook onions anymore (I know, I'm getting extremely lazy on the cooking job). Anyways, I was feeling lazy tonight also so I decided to borrow a salad inspiration from my mom and make cucumber salad. It was looking a little bland so I added the sliced tomatoes as well. Super easy... Finely slice a cucumber and tomato (I used grape tomatoes, but a whole would be fine also) and then mix in 1 tbsp olive oil with 2 tbsp vinegar (I used balsamic). Add water, salt, and pepper as needed. And done. Super easy, like I said. And tasty, at that.

I realized I forgot to take my Day 200 picture on the 22nd. Can you believe it's been 200 days since we started this?! It seems like just yesterday I finished reading the 17 Day Diet book and was ready to clear out and stock up my fridge for the new foods! And yet, it feels like we've been doing this for soooooo looooooong. Progress was so quick in the beginning because we followed the book to a "t". Literally, no exceptions to the rules. And results were awesome because of that, but once we started making exceptions they just felt like the worst sins in the world. And that's not what food should be. It's fuel, and although I enjoy it as more than just fuel, my mind is slowly wrapping around the idea that good foods = good choices = happier Kaycie. I get bummed when I make the wrong choices for myself for an extended period of time. I'm trying to rewire my brain to take one day at a time, one decision at a time. Yesterday's mistakes don't equal future mistakes. I don't have to go back to 290 lbs ever again, and I sure don't intend to.

Anyways, I apologize for the recent absence of updates. I've been dealing with some mental struggles lately and haven't had much motivation or desire to post, nor have I wanted to feel guilty for not posting. This was never meant to be an obligatory outlet.. It's supposed to be fun and inspiring! I'm trying to get back to that attitude.

I'll have Braylen take my Day 200 pictures soon and post. I'm positive I haven't changed in the past couple of days to make a difference. In fact, I'm worried I haven't changed from Day 150, but oh well if I haven't. I know I haven't gone back to Day 1, and that's all that matters to me.

'Night y'all!

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  1. I love cucumbers!! Love them! I have 6 plants growing right now! cucs galore!

    Another good cuc recipe is cucumbers cut into chunks and yellow onions cut into thin slices, then add some light ranch dressing and pepper! Voila! simple and deeeelish!


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