Monday, July 11, 2011

The Bring It On Post

Breakfast: NONE (slept)
Lunch: turkey chili (w/o beans) w/1 slice of fat free Kraft American
Mid-afternoon snack: Skinny Cow peanut butter and chocolate ice cream sandwich
Dinner: turkey chili (w/o beans) w/1 slice of fat free Kraft American; Tostitos bite size chips and Pace Picante sauce
Dessert: NONE
Exercise: 10 minutes yoga; 30 minutes pilates; 25 push-ups; other exercise TBA

Alright folks.. It's the home stretch on this round of Biggest Loser. Friday is final weigh-in and I'm hoping to lose the weight I gained over the past two weeks of eating whatever I felt like. I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow and will have no excuses. I'm tossing out the rest of the junk food leftover from the party (including that bag of Tostitos I mentioned I had some of for dinner tonight) and am doing strictly cycle one food from here until then. Which, granted, is only four days from now. Meaning, I have to lose more than 5.5 lbs in four days if I want to lose the weight I've gained since the competition started. But I've done it before and I know if I really set my mind to it I can do it again, or at least come darn close! I'm going to be kicking my butt in workouts and watching my calorie and water intake very closely over the next few days... I want to do it right!  I have zero chance of winning (and I say that with 100% honesty and truthfulness) but if I can achieve this goal of mine to lose the 5 lbs I've gained in the past two weeks... I'm not so worried about winning the competition.

So here's what it is: I weighed 241.2, as of Friday, July 8th.
I need to weigh 235.6 or less to achieve my personal goal and get back to my lowest weight since starting my weight loss journey.

Bring it on, workout DVDs and neighborhood walks!

P.S. I feel like barfing right now... I just finished doing 30 minutes of pilates immediately following eating my dinner of turkey chili. Not. A. Good. Choice.

P.S.S. I set another Summer 2012 goal: Swing dancing. Not Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers swing dancing... I mean Zoot Suit Riot swing dancing.

Who wants to help me pick out my flippy skirt?

I'm thinking I'll trade in Brendan Frasier for John Stamos, but this is the idea...

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