Monday, May 9, 2011

Just Bein' Honest

Day 126

Breakfast: yogurt and banana
Lunch: salad
Mid-afternoon snack: chocolate cupcake from Sara Sara Cupcakes
Dinner: honey BBQ chicken strips from A&E Grill
Dessert: NONE

Sigh.. My second day of finals: Check. Had two tough ones today. Well, what I thought would be tough. I did well on the first one (we already got our grades back), but I'm not so sure about the second one. Let's pray! Kinda ticked cos with this final grade in that first class, I'm at 89.5 and I'm 99.9% sure he doesn't round up. I wasn't trying to make an A until I got 0.5 away from having one! Irritating, but oh well! At least I passed the dang class!

After testing, I headed home. We got our A/C fixed (for the second time in three days) and I have to make it official... My FIL can fix anything in the world!! I can't tell you how many times he's come to our house to fix a horrible unsolvable problem and has left within 15 minutes of tinkering with it and the world is right again. He is a fantastic man. And he made a damn good son, too, by the way.

So now I'm studying. Well, now I'm taking a break from studying, obviously. I'm just thanking the heavens that USAO requires undergrads to take a Voice Disorders class cos I'm feeling significantly less stressed than I feel others are at this point. I admit that I am definitely stressed not knowing what essays he's going to have us write (and at the fact he emailed us saying we needed to bring extra paper) but I'm not so much stressed about the content, necessarily. Just the unknown.

Anyways, all is fine in my world.. Just as soon as I get through these next two days. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. Gotta say it over and over again.

Oh, and I weighed-in this morning... Not an ounce gained or lost, which I can't really complain about considering I ate out 4-5 times and had ice cream 2-3 times last week. YIKES. I really need to get on the ball again, but at this time all I can focus on is school... Not spending hours each week preparing meals and grocery shopping. Sorry if I'm not keeping up the motivation for someone, but I'm just being honest... Can't keep it together all the time!

Time to get back to studying =\

'Night y'all!

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  1. I think he's a stink-e-roo of a teacher or he's a comedian for telling you to bring extra paper. I mean, wouldn't that be FUN to do to students if you were a teacher?! If I ever become a teacher, I'm DEFINITELY gonna tell the students to bring extra paper-good one. I got my 17-day diet book and I'm just studying it now because my mom is coming to visit on Wednesday and I KNOW she's gonna wanna make homemade biscuits and gravy for us on Sunday and I SURE don't wanna be missin out on that. AND I just bought an 18-pack on Coors Light last week and I wanna make sure it's not hanging around to tempt me, so I GOTTA drink that before I start. On the POSITIVE part, I did start walking-last night and tonight-and I'm pushing the agua. Soooo, yeah, NEXT Monday it's ON! Good luck with your finals-remember that this too shall pass!


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