Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Tale of One Kitty

Yesterday Luke and I went for an evening Puppy Walk. Little did we know the walk would be cut short by a furry little creature that emerged from under some weeds (yes, the weeds were that tall. no, they weren't in my yard. but yes, my weeds are also that tall. okay, done.).

Meet: Little Kitty. AKA Laron. AKA whatever her new family decides to name her.

She ran clumsily right up to me on the sidewalk, ignoring Luke as he tried to attack her with kisses and licks. I picked her up, looked around, and (seeing no momma kitty or other kittens in sight) I frantically called Husband to ask for advice. We agreed I should first take Luke home (imagine me ringing the doorbell to ask the neighbors if they knew where Little Kitty belonged with an 80 lb dog trying to not only lick said-kitty to death but also jump all over the person answering the door. Go on. It's easy if you try.) and then drive back to ask neighbors if they'd seen any other kittens around. One neighbor didn't answer and the other thought it was probably a stray but had no idea where the mom was. Sooooo Plan B. It came home with me.

Now, let me make it very clear... Braylen and I love our cat, Kit-Kat, but she's gotten a little harder to love these past few years. We will gladly take care of her until she leaves this world, but she is the last cat I ever plan to own.. At least the last indoor cat. So surprisingly, this kitten's baby blue eyes and paws hardly bigger than my thumb didn't win me over as much as I feared they would. Finally.. Something I'm not tempted by (Note: Kaycie is a severe food addict. End note.).

Don't get me wrong... Little Kitty is very cute and I love cats... But the intense amount of fur they shed has become the bane of my existence. Not to mention the annoyance of cleaning out a horrendously malodorous litter box. Yeah... Cats are no longer my thing. So the search was on to find Little Kitty's new owners. I posted pictures of her on FB and fortunately a friend of mine was interested in giving the kitten to her mother. Ta da! Never found a quicker solution to a potentially massive problem in my life (Yes, I realize the "massive" problem I'm referring to is a <5 lb kitten. Just go with it...)

You see, Bray and I are leaving tomorrow for vacation and there's no way we could've kept Little Kitty longer than today. So my girlfriend contacting me last night was definitely a total God thing (Thanks, Big Guy! You da bomb!) Bray and I delivered her bright and early this morning (along with the help of Luke) and we both breathed a huge sigh of relief.

One exciting discovery made over the less than 24 hours we had Little Kitty was that Luke is amazingly protective of small animals. Well, not so much protective as he is... I dunno... Paternal? Let's just say that Little Kitty, despite being ridiculously cute and adorable, was in her Incessant Meowing stage of kittydom. Luke being in the room with her was the only thing that made the meowing stop and put her to sleep. Literally, it made me want to hug him and cry at the same time. Gives me hope for when we have kiddos... I hope he can be a calming effect for them like he was for this little one. 

Just sayin'... I'm pretty proud of my pooch. 


  1. What sweet pics! I'm so glad u shared this story- so cute :)

  2. The cuteness of that last photo is especially adorable! My MIL has 14 baby kittens on her farm right now----and they're all SO CUTE! But hubs say no. Two dogs is enough for me anyway. :)

    Sarah @ Thinfluenced


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