Sunday, May 22, 2011

Who Says You Can't Go Home?

May 21, 2011

Breakfast: NONE
Lunch: taco salad without beans or sour cream from Los Tres Amigos
Mid-afternoon snack (AKA 2nd lunch): sandwich w/lettuce, spinach, turkey, and provolone; handful of chips; fruit salad
Dessert: 1/2 piece of wedding cake
Dinner: apricot chicken w/asparagus and broccoli from Olive Garden
Dessert: vanilla ice cream

What a day! Yesterday was Matt and Katrina's wedding (finally!) and it was beautiful! I don't have too many pictures, yet, but here's one of everyone...

It was just absolutely beautiful and I'm so happy for them that they've found one another! Excited to see what God does in their lives next!! 

After the wedding Braylen and I went out on a date to Olive Garden. I decided to pick one of the low-cal meals and it was actually very good!! Although, can't really go wrong with anything Italian. We finished off our date night with a movie (Holes) and then went to bed. 

Oh, almost forgot, before getting ready for the wedding, Braylen and I took our moms out for a late Mother's Day lunch (finally!) at Los Tres Amigos. Then later that night, my parents gave Braylen and I our first anniversary gift. We love it soooooo much! I hung it on my wall as soon as I got home today...

My mother painted this of Luke in front of our house. So special!!!! 
We just absolutely love it! And I guess painted pictures were the "in" thing to do to celebrate our anniversary, because another gift we got was this awesome landscape:

We had an exchange student when I was in 4th grade who we still keep in touch with. She painted this for Braylen and I for our anniversary! 
We are so blessed to have such thoughtful and creative family!!!! 


Today, May 22, 2011

Breakfast: NONE
Lunch: chicken lo mein, vegetable fried rice, and mongolian beef from China Wok Express (Bray, Mom, and I shared our meals)
Mid-afternoon snack: broccoli salad
Dinner: leftover mongolian beef, white rice, and chicken lo mein 
Dessert: NONE

This morning we went to church w/my mom to a new place she's been going. It was a nice message and even more nice to see familiar faces we don't get to see very often. Afterwards we picked up the Chinese food and ate it with my grandparents at their home. Braylen headed home and Mom and I got me a new cell phone. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one that still wants to opt out of getting an iPhone or Android-powered phone. Eh. Just don't need it. Anyways, so I still have a simple little call/text phone, but I like this one more because the buttons for texting are much bigger. Woohoo!! 

Mom and I went back to her house, watched a movie (50 First Dates) and then I packed up to head home. I just finished eating my leftovers from lunch, so now I'm gonna get my workout on. Mom loaned me a dance DVD she doesn't use so that'll be a nice change, and she also let us borrow her As Seen on TV T-Core (which, I've just learned from the website is "for men".... Hmm... This intrigues me!) so that should be an interesting experiment (once I figure out how to put it together). 

The second fitness & nutrition challenges were posted on the Biggest Loser competition yesterday, and these ones kinda bum me out. The challenge is to count/post your calories for everything you eat/drink for four days and then count/post how many calories you burn for four days. Sigh. A huge selling point for me for the 17 Day Diet was that you don't have to count calories! The thought of having to keep track and figure out how many calories are in each and every single bite, quite honestly, makes me nervous just thinking about it. Not because I'm afraid of what I eat. I think posting my food everyday for the past 5 months has broken me of my embarrassment about my food choices. I think it's just the fact of that sounds like wayyyyy too much work and extra research (to find out how much calories, for example, are in 4 bites of wedding cake). I realize it doesn't have to be an exact science, but even still... I think I'm going to bow out and let the real competitors take charge of this one. Good luck, ladies! 

Okay, time to get my dance on! 

'Night y'all! 

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