Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cell Uh Bray Shun

Breakfast: eggs w/mushroom and onion; yogurt; green tea
Mid-morning snack: pear
Lunch: salad w/onion; 2 egg rolls (leftover from Sunday's Chinese)
Dinner: taco salad (shredded lettuce w/ground, seasoned turkey meat, diced tomatoes, reduced fat Colby-Jack cheese, salsa, 3 teaspoons low fat sour cream, and a handful of baked Tostitos Scoops, crushed)
Dessert: Heath and Reese's mix from Braum's
Snack: baked Ruffles and french onion dip

Fiiiiiiiinally the day we've all been waiting for!!!! Or, at least, the day Braylen and I have been waiting for...

The celebration of our one year anniversary!!!! Now, I realize we're about, oh, 16 days late on this celebration... But with finals, bachelorette party planning and hosting, getting arrested and getting out of jail, and being in one of my best friend's weddings... It just hasn't been a priority. Today, friends, that all changed. We went all out. Made all the stops. Spared no expense. Went on wild adventures.


We spent the day doing what we do best: Nothing important, but loving every minute of it because, hey!, we're doing nothing important together.

Braylen woke me up when he got home this morning and made me breakfast (yum!). We watched an episode of the Drew Carey Show then took an early morning puppy walk. Once we got home we most definitely and without hesitation went back to sleep (who gets up at 7 AM when they don't have to and actually stays awake?). I slept until noon, at which time I attempted (and failed) to wake Braylen up. I used that time to listen to music and catch up on reading my blogs. After waiting patiently impatiently for just over an hour, I woke up Braylen around 1:15. (I mean, who needs more than 5 hours of sleep anyway?) We had lunch while I watched an episode of Dr. Phil, and then we made a trip up to Norman to do some shopping (AKA so Braylen could buy my anniversary gift). I bought some new clothes and Bray got my gift and a cigar for himself. Oh, speaking of my gift...

Yes, that is most definitely the key necklace from the Jane Seymour collection at Kay Jewelers. And yes, that is most definitely exactly what I asked for. (I love my husband)
When we got back to Chickasha we picked up a few things we needed for dinner, then got to visit with Robin, my MIL, and her husband Chris for a bit. After they left, we made a trip to Walmart to buy a new Wii (his original Wii of 5 years died on us this week... The funeral arrangements are being made as we speak) and to get some ant killer, cos I guess they've decided to like our house this spring? We watched a movie (Love and Other Drugs) while we ate dinner, and then I did 30 minutes of pilates while he put together the new Wii. 

Braylen thought it might be a nice tradition if every year when we celebrate our anniversary we each write down a favorite memory from the past year. This year mine was starting this diet/exercise change with him and his was going to and enjoying the Rangers/Yankees game together last year. We wrote them down on card stock so I can add them to our scrapbook (one of these days). I love that he came up with the idea.. Love that he enjoys the time we spend together just as much as I do. 

Okay, can I just say that pilates is hard? Goodness, I do not look forward to how sore I will be tomorrow after doing 30 minutes of it yesterday and today. But it feels so good to be dooooing something! 

And with that, I will say..

'Night y'all! 

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