Friday, May 13, 2011

My Boys

Day 130

Breakfast: NONE
Mid-morning snack: NONE
Lunch: chicken strips, fries, and a few corn nuggets from Chicken Express
Dinner: beef fried rice, a little lo mein, and 2 egg rolls with a Smirnoff Ice
Dessert: NONE

Due to miscommunication between the Husband and I, we will not longer be going to OKC to celebrate the anniversary tonight. I am disappointed, but the celebration will be worth the wait, I hear.

Instead, we spent the day cleaning, shopping spending way too much at Walmart, getting ready for the bachelorette party, and (as you can see) eating. I am so. So. full. It is definitely time for a reunification with Wii Fit and the Wii dancing games. And definitely a much-needed Puppy Walk. But first, let me share with you the highlight of my day...

Remember when I wrote about the similarities between Braylen and Luke? Well, this is something like that. Only much more unexpected and unplanned. These are the only four pictures taken, and it just so happens that they were making the same "expressions" in each of the pictures. Hilarious.

Scrunched face.

Goofy face (Luke inherited the Sorrell nose also, and he's proud to rock it).

Pouty face.

Looking at each other.
I just love them so much it's unbelievable. 

And now I'm gonna go break a sweat. It's necessary and entirely deserved.

Oh, speaking of weight. I will now be weighing in on Fridays instead of Mondays because that's how this round of Biggest Loser is set up. When I weighed in this morning, much to my surprise and bewilderment (I've never used the word before, okay, and I just wanted to!) I've lost 1.4 lbs since Monday! This may have been ordinary, back when we started all of this, but at this point when I've been eating like crapola every single day... I don't know how it's happening. Just gotta not take advantage of it, cos I know my luck will run out soon. 

'Night y'all! 

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