Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Because I Can...

Day 128

Breakfast: NONE
Lunch: NONE
Mid-afternoon snack: Reese's cup (Thanks, Elizabeth!)
Dinner (at around 3:30): chile con queso and A.1. Peppercorn burger w/steak fries from Reeeeeed Robin (yum)
Dessert: popcorn

Wow, what a day! Slept in until about 10AM, puttered around the house for a while, headed to school for my last final, picked up my BFF Jessika to go on a date, bunkered at Red Robin while torrential rain and hail down-poured (seriously, y'all... The power went out before we even got our food!), headed over to AMC Quail Springs Theater to see Something Borrowed and Bridesmaids, but apparently Bridesmaids isn't out yet, so we saw Prom instead. Something Borrowed was extremely cute. Prom, not so much, but it was good for a laugh! I took her home and then headed home myself, and now here I am! So happy to be home, have no more school to worry about (for 3 weeks, anyway), and be able to catch up on all my trashy no-good-for-me "soaps", as Braylen would call them, (i.e. The Real World, 16 & Pregnant, Bad Girls Club, Dr. Phil, etc.) without having to worry about what I have to do next. I will say tomorrow and the next few days are still going to be pretty crazy, as I try to get the house ready for the bachelorette party I'm hosting on Sunday and try to squeeze in an anniversary celebration somewhere in there on Friday. I can do it though... I can!

Because this is the fun part. This is the part where I get to do things because I want to, not because I have to. Where I get to go see two movies with my best friend instead of studying all evening. Where I get to go shopping for a bachelorette party I'm throwing for another best friend and spend as much time looking around as I want, because I have no other obligations. I can't wait to pack the most I can into the next three weeks!! June 6th can't get here slow enough. I wish it was three YEARS from now, but just gotta think.. Only one more year and it'll be me graduating this weekend! Can't wait to put this all behind me and move on with the rest of life! Life after tests, papers, projects, and waiting for grades to be posted. Life after lectures, 1.25 hr classes, and driving 45 minutes to/from school. Just can't wait!

And now I'm going to press play on my remote to finish this week's episode of The Real World.

Because I can! 

'Night y'all!

P.S. I felt sexy today. I just wanted to document it. That is all.

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