Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Daily Routine Post

Breakfast: yogurt
Lunch: two turkey patties w/cheese and turkey bacon; stir-fry mixed veggies
Snack: red seedless grapes and a cameo apple
Dinner: Romaine lettuce w/grape tomatoes, feta cheese, dried cranberries, and poppy seed dressing
Snack: yogurt
Exercise: 1.5 mile walk; 8.5 mile (20 min) ride on the sauna bike at Tan & Tone

Lunch from today. Yum! Wish there was leftovers!

I am tired.

I just stepped in from finishing up my walk for the day and it's 8:30. I haven't eaten dinner, and I'm really not wanting to eat this late but I know I should at least have a salad. Sigh. I kicked my own butt today and it feels pretty damn good.

I can honestly say that I've never had this much dedication. Despite having popcorn the past two nights, I have 100% stuck to the diet. Every. Single. Day. And it feels great. I'm not saying eating McDonald's, Burger King, and Taco Bell doesn't also feel great... But this is a much more satisfying, long-term "great". I am very very much looking forward to what the scale will say on Friday. I can with every bit of certainty say I've never looked forward to a weigh in as much as I'm looking forward to this one. I know I've put in the work, and I know the scale with show it. I feel lighter and feel better in my skin again. I still have extra bulge I'd put on the past couple months, but I know it won't be stickin' around for much longer and that's so thrilling.

I skipped Zumba last night because yesterday morning's walk put a blister on the ball of my foot about the size of a nickel and I didn't want to make it worse my dancing on it. Maybe it's an excuse, but I'm definitely glad I didn't go. Today I was able to walk my 1/2 mile and then bike 8.5 miles on the sauna bike at Tan & Tone (for free, I might add, since I had a coupon). The sauna bike is basically just a simple stationary bike with sauna lights shining directly on you so you sweat A LOT more than you normally would and burn twice the calories. So, when my ride was done, the machine said I burned 280 calories... Take that and double it to make 560 and that's how much I really burned, with the lights. Then right after that I did my walk... So I'm definitely hoping to sleep well tonight! ha.

Walking in the morning and then Zumba tomorrow night. Sigh. I love having the schedule set so that it's just part of my everyday. I will not miss 5AM walks, though, when this challenge is over. ha. I will just do 1.5 mi a day and do it later in the day. I know, for some people, waking up early to work out is a lifesaver and gives them so much extra energy in the day... But that is not the case for me. It wears me out. And I go to bed early the night before and still am tired. I won't say I'm more tired than I would be normally, but it definitely doesn't give me any boost, which is unfortunate because I'd probably be more likely to continue if it did. I will I do feel mentally more satisfied with myself the rest of the day because I know I started the day off well and have it out of the way. That is definitely nice!

Anyways, I guess I'm gonna go throw together a salad and watch some Teen Mom!

'Night y'all!

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