Saturday, September 17, 2011

The NSV Post

Breakfast: 4 egg whites, onion, and 3 strips of turkey bacon; yogurt
Snack: cameo apple
Lunch: 2 turkey patties w/fat free American cheese; sauteed mixed veggies
Dinner: chopped Romaine w/pear, dried cranberries, onion, grape tomatoes, and reduced fat red wine vinaigrette
Dessert: TBA
Exercise: NONE

Our lunch this afternoon. I am loving turkey burgers more and more these days.

I have heard people use the term "NSV" before, and never was quite sure what it meant. As I usually do when I don't know what an acronym means, I made something up. In my head, NSV has always meant No Small Victory. Something happened this evening that I knew was a NSV, but I wanted to verify what it meant before I told you about it. As it turns out, or at least what says, NSV actually means a Non-Scale Victory. I'll probably always keep No Small Victory in my head, but truly it's the same thing to me anyways...

I have to share this NSV with you. This evening I was sitting on the couch after my husband left, just watching TV. All the sudden a huge craving took me over and I wanted whatever I could get. First I thought Braums would be good, but then I thought about going to get a bag of chips or something from the gas station. I texted BDR and told him what I was feeling and how strong the craving was and he reminded me that I didn't want to do that. I argued with him that the Braums burger and fries actually fit within my allowed calories for the day and didn't put me over, but he nicely said despite that all the fat in it is still bad for me. So I decided to just stay home and not even introduce the temptation as an option (a NSV all its own).

But then I remembered I needed to go to the grocery store for something that has to be made for tomorrow. So I panicked. I called Braylen and told him and he said to just go straight to the local grocery store that's about five blocks from our house. I said I'm going to get a snack because after losing 12 lbs in two weeks I deserve one. (Isn't that so backwards? I lost weight, so now let me "reward" myself by giving into what got me overweight in the first place. Sigh...)

So I got to the store and headed straight for the snack/chips aisle. I looked through the cookies, chips, and candy.. Comparing calorie counts and weighing out in my head how much of what I decided to get I could have. And then, it occurred to me.

I. Don't. Want. It.

These two thoughts crossed my head: 1) I'm wearing jeans that haven't fit me in months because of good choices I've made recently, and 2) I can go home and devour an entire bag of baby carrots if I want and get my "binge" out that way... And be completely healthy.

Because when I get right down to it... It's not the food itself that I want. It's the eating. And the eating in large amounts. I overdo it, and I know that I do. But tonight when I felt the urge to overdo it, I thought in my mind that I will be just as satisfied (and, in fact, even more so because I won't feel any guilt) if I binge on carrots rather than an entire bag of chips.

I'm telling you it's the little things sometimes...

What's your latest NSV?

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  1. Awesome NSV moment! Doesn't it feel empowering when you can tackle the food monster? It gets easier over time, it never goes away to want to binge on something naughty but it gets easier or you find healthy alternatives.


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