Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Like so many others... I get inspired by Pinterest daily. This idea seemed too simple and perfect to pass up, so I gave it a try. It all started with a trip to Office Depot. I bought one package of red binder rings, a hole punch (cos can you believe we didn't have one?), and some strong adhesive labels.

I used 3M Permanent Adhesive Inkjet, Laser, & Coper Labels and a template from their website to format the labels. The font is one I made from my own handwriting on acrotype.com (another Pinterest idea, btw). The pin I found for this used scrapbook paper to make the front and back covers, but I just decided to cut up the box it came in and use the front and back of that. Maybe not as decorative, but it made sense to me and I was just going to throw the box out anyway.

Original pin:

What has Pinspired you lately? 

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  1. Holy crap! Can I just say EVERYTHING on Pintrest inspires me. Freaking love that site.

    Still looking for an old rake to hang jewelry. And did you see someone used it as a wine glass holder??!! So cool. I'm also going to use a board with old cabinet handles to hold earrings.

    And I started a 'project' last night that is going to end up causing me to completely re-design my entire house. Maybe I should say, "Damn you Pinterest!" lol.


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