Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Lazy Days Post

Tomorrow I take my one and only final for this (last) Fall semester. After making an awful grade on the midterm (I'm talking failing status), I've really tried to kick my butt in gear the second half of the semester. I've gotta say, I'm pretty proud of myself. I don't think I've ever taken this good of notes in this particular professor's classes.. Or studied this much. I'm not going to make a 100%, by any means.. But I hope to at least make a B! We'll see. Pray for me!

The past few days at home have been uncharacteristically relaxed (aka lazy). I've only left the house to get food, and haven't driven out of town since I got home from school on Thursday. Which mean, it's been almost a whole week since I've been on a highway. I can sincerely say that this is probably the longest I've ever gone without having to go out of town since I've been in graduate school. It just dawned on me, too... But I've been able to tell a difference. I love staying home, I really do. The only problem I'm finding is that the longer I stay home, the more my desire to leave the house decreases. I don't want to go anywhere because staying home feels so nice! I know once I have babies and have to stay home, I'll probably be itching to leave, but right now when my only obligation is studying for one final... It feels good to stay up til 3, sleep in til 12:30... And not have any guilt about it. I know I should probably feel embarrassed to admit that sleep schedule and I guess a part of me does... But an even bigger part of me appreciates the fact that staying up and sleeping in that late is the only way I can talk to and share sleep-time with my husband. For now, this is working for us.

Now, it'll be a different story once we both start back to class schedules. But for now, yeah... I'm not gonna feel ashamed!

I love being at home during the day for another reason, also... I get to be here when the UPS man comes and brings more items we've ordered! In the past few days we've received a copy of The King's Speech (that I bought on Cyber Monday from Target.com for $7.99!!), a new peacoat for me (!!), and a mystery package from Macy's that I'm not allowed to open (!!!!!!!). I'm still waiting on our Christmas cards, a "conception kit" (15 ovulation strips and 5 pregnancy tests, all for $16.95!), and one of my lovely husband's Christmas gifts to come in... Any day now!

I just love getting stuff in the mail. Feels like Christmas every day!

Night y'all!

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