Friday, December 9, 2011

The First Last Day

Sigh... Completed my last day of fall semester class/clinic EVER. Feels so good to mark these "lasts" off the list. Can't wait for my very LAST day of class coming up this Spring, but I guess I'll just have to enjoy every moment until then. Have two really great clinical rotations lined up before graduation and I can't wait to experience what both sites have to offer! With each location I go through I've gained more and more experience and my interest and excitement for this field has grown exponentially--particularly in the past 16 weeks. I've learned even more what I dislike and more importantly what I love about speech-language pathology and am so thankful for the opportunities I've been blessed with. The clients I've seen have taught me so much and my supervisors (undergrad, grad, and rotation supervisors) have been unbelievably helpful and supportive. I can't say there aren't still moments when I think "What the heck have I gotten myself into?" but for the most part, I am [finally] so excited to find a job I love... And finally make some real $$$$!

And on that note, I will leave you with this little morsel of heaven:

Yes, that is my puppy... Sleeping on my face. My little nap time guard pup. 

Night y'all!

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