Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Confessions Post

So I have a few confessions to share with you all... 

You all could have probably guessed by now that I stepped off the "diet" train. Since my Biggest Loser group ended, my healthy diet/exercise plan has gone down the toilet. I haven't weighed in because I'm afraid of how much I've gained. Fortunately, my clothes still fit (although my waist band does feel more snug). But I can feel the changes. My tummy has grown and always feels bloated and I can feel the extra weight on my rear and thighs protest when I run. Sorry for the details, but I need to remember what one month of eating crap does to me. Going out to eat every day, eating bigger proportions than I think I've ever managed in my life... My food addiction has come back full force. I don't have an excuse, and I know I need to make a change. I'm not that far away from where I was. Like I said, I haven't weighed in so I don't know how much I've gained, but I kind of like the idea of judging where I'm at based on how I feel. I know it would only take a week or two for my body to feel better. Right now I'm exhausted all the time and it can only be because I'm malnourished (since we all know it's not cos I'm pregnant!). I haven't been drinking the right amount of water and definitely haven't been eating fruits and vegetables. It's nuts how easy it is to get off track.

Husband and I are going grocery shopping this weekend to stock up the fridge and pantry again. We'd do it now, but we're low on funds and need to wait until after payday. We aren't going to follow the 17 Day Diet to a point like before until after the new year, but we need to start eating at home more instead of going out.

I'm hoping that will get us started in the right direction. Now that the cat's out of the bag and everyone knows we're hoping to have a baby soon, I can be honest in saying one of my main goals for losing weight is to decrease risks of complications during pregnancy/delivery and being altogether healthier for our child. Not to mention I want people to know I'm pregnant, not just think I'm a big girl (which is true, but I'm just sayin'..). Superficial, but oh well! I want it all and if I'm willing to work for it, I think I should get it.

Speaking of working for it, did anybody else see the episode of Dr. Phil talking about the P.I.N.K. Method? Last year he was endorsing the 17 Day Diet and that's how we got hooked on it and now he's doing this new one and I'm wondering.. Is this typical? Does he do a new one every year? I looked into the PINK Method cos it sounds pretty great (and similar to 17 Day Diet) but it's WAYYYYYYY more expensive so I don't think that's happening for us. Anyways, just curious if anyone else saw it.

By the way, I was really overwhelmed with the number of comments I got regarding the last post. I was sure I lost all of you readers due to my lack of posting as of late... It's so wonderful to feel so supported. I need to step up my game, return the favor, and start commenting again. I've been very selfish lately because I needed to figure out a few things, but I'm back and ready to dive into the blogosphere again! =]

Night y'all!

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