Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shorkie Dilemma

This post will be 500 times less meaningful than it would have been if I had a picture alongside it.

(I'm getting a camera for Christmas so hopefully this will only be a problem for a short time. I would like my blog to become a lot more colorful and fun to look at... I apologize for the blandness as it is now.)

Husband and I decided to eat at our favorite local Chinese buffet this morning. And while I'm mentioning this, can I just say 9 out of 10 people that were there were wearing OSU (the tenth person was me in my OU hoodie). I'm not, by any means, a sports fan.. But I was a little caught off guard. I thought this was sooner territory? Guess not. Or maybe Cowboys like Chinese more, who knows.

Anyways, that's not the point. After we ate lunch, we realized we needed to stop at the grocery store to buy bread, cheese, and lunchmeat so he could have dinner tonight at work. Chickasha recently opened a Save-A-Lot store near the Chinese restaurant so we decided to try it out (after all, who doesn't like to save... a lot?). On our way across the street, Husband spotted a truck parked by a store with a pen full of puppies for sale. So, of course, we stopped to look (who doesn't look at roadside puppies?).

The couple was selling four pups... 3 Shorkies (Shitzu/Yorkshire terriers) and 1 Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie). The Morkie was a 16 week old white male with black patches. The 3 shorkies were all 9 weeks old and had black and brown blended fur. They, literally, looked like little Ewoks. There was one male and two females. The female we liked in particular had a stump for a tail because its mother got a little over-zealous when chewing off the umbilical cord. Due to the stumpy tail, black/brown fur, and teeny furry ears... This little pooch looked not only like an Ewok, but like a little teddy bear. It was the cutest damn thing I have seen in a very long time (pardon my language, but it's true... Like I said... A picture would make this 10 times more effective a point).

I write this post to explain how badly I want a small dog. I love lap dogs. Bless poor Luke Puppy's heart, he's just never going to be a good lap dog. For one thing, he's not allowed on the furniture, so that kind of nips that idea in the bud. Anyways, we've been discussing lately getting Luke a playmate, but we wanted an older dog (maybe 2 or 3 years old) who is about the same size as him so that Luke can be playful and not cause any damage to. This little teddy bear, although ridiculous and totally adorable and exactly the dog I want, would be a horrible match for the pup we have already. It makes me incredibly sad. Luke and I long for different things in a partner.

I can't linger on this topic or I will resort to crying.

*Side Note: Save-A-Lot is a crock. The store is arranged very strangely so we had trouble finding what we were looking for. The worst and craziest part of all was that we had to bag our own groceries. I mean.. what? What kind of grocery store makes you bag your own groceries? They ring up the items and put them back in your cart, then you roll your cart over to a table with a bunch of bags on it and you have to bag them all up yourself. Call me outrageously lazy, but isn't that what their job is? What if I was in a hurry and had a cart full of groceries? I'm supposed to take everything out of the cart AGAIN, bag it all up myself, and reload it all? Anyways, Husband and I weren't very happy, so we're not going back.

Walmart, you win again.

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